Hello Kitty Stands the Test of Time and Keeps Purring Along












Hello Kitty is heading towards it 40th birthday and still growing strong. The iconic little cat with her signature bow began as a coin purse in Japan and quickly went viral with little girls all around the world. Today Hello Kitty is an $8 billion dollar business boasting it’s own theme park, TV series and can be found in every form imaginable and on over 50,000 different products in over 60 countries. Boy bands may come and go but Hello Kitty has won the hearts of girls, and even adults, for decades. One rabid Hello Kitty fan has amassed over 4,500 Hello Kitty items and was recently put in the Guinness Book of World Records.













Sparkle Bee threw a party at Serendipity 3 in New York City last week to showcase some of the new Hello Kitty items like the Hello Kitty karaoke machine. I felt like a little girl again drinking frozen hot chocolate, eating cake pops and surrounded by Hello Kitty merchandise.















But if you’re truly a Hello Kitty fan you start your day waking up with a Hello Kitty projection alarm clock (it projects the time on the wall). Want a little Hello Kitty with your morning breakfast? Have a few slices of kitty-imprinted toast made from your Hello Kitty toaster and down them with water from your very own Hello Kitty water cooler. Time to get ready for the day? There’s even a Hello Kitty hair dryer and flat iron. But what girl gets dressed without a little music so you’ll have to play your Hello Kitty Bluetooth Speaker System.


If that isn’t enough…imagine this: you could even style your own house after this one in Shanghai, China.

Since it’s beginning, Hello Kitty broadened its audience and adults have embraced the kitty. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and today you can find diamond Hello Kitty necklaces and earrings.

We received Hello Kitty iPhone cases, headphones, etc as a thank you for attending. Otherwise I was not compensated and the opinions in this post are my own.

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