Hillshire Farms is betting the farm on Moms and their “Fresh Squad.”









Hillshire’s latest campaign puts the money where a Mom’s mouth is not only from a taste perspective, but also from a monetary perspective. They’re so sure Moms will think they’re packaged meat tastes as good as deli meat, they’ll give you $5 in coupons if you agree.

All a Mom has to do is purchase a tub of lunchmeat and then come back to the site and enter a unique code. In return they will give you $5 worth of coupons either instantly or on a grocery gift card. But then you’ll have to wait up to eight weeks to receive it.

Sadly the ability to socialize this was not really called out as strongly as it could. And if you choose to tweet it, the description had nothing to do with the promotion. It was only the “Go Meat” theme which not help drive click through as strongly as a call-to-action with the promotion. I also could not find it anywhere mentioned on their Facebook page. And alas, Hillshire Farms doesn’t appear to be on Twitter. Ah, so many missed opportunities.

Instead of reaching out to Mom bloggers and their social graphs to spread the word, Hillshire has created the “Hillshire Farm Fresh Squad,” a group of experts who will help moms create all kinds of sandwiches using lunchmeat. The Fresh Squad will appear on TV, blogs and various website promoting the fresh lunch. And if you have a blog that meets their fresh criteria, your blog can be designated as a “Fresh Blog.”

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