“Hold Me In Contempt” and Moms Dress Up with Burlington Coat Factory

wendybook cover










I was recently invited by The Moms to a Mamarazzi event to meet Wendy Williams who just launched her new book, “Hold Me In Contempt.” I was curious about the book and it’s rumored to give 50 Shades a run for its money. And I had not been to a blogger event in a long while due to workload so I wanted to see some old friends who’d probably be there.

Shopping at Burlington!
We were sent $50 gift cards from Burlington, in advance of the event, to get “red carpet” ready for the event. Unfortunately my gift card didn’t get to me in time. But I went shopping after the event. I must admit I haven’t been in a Burlington Coat Factory in a while. I started looking at dresses. There were thousands of dresses to go through and brand names I recognized. Who knew? I grabbed six to try on.

Ugh! Nothing fit. Back to the floor to search for more while making a mental note that it’s diet time. Ah, the jacket section. I have a bit of an obsession with jackets. Jackets dress up jeans in an instant. And I have this person style of jeans, a cute t-shirt paired with a jacket look that I like despite my daughter preaching that I need to wear more skirts and dresses. Bingo! I spotted a designer striped jacket and in my size. Mentally I tried to talk myself into going back to find a dress, but after I tried on the jacket it was a lost cause.

Here’s the jacket with dark blue jeans.












As an alternative, I tried it with white jeans. It gives it a very different look.  And makes the outfit more summer-y.











And Wendy Williams? She looks fabulous. Curvaceous and confident, I love her frankness. She was wearing nude pumps that made her legs look like they went on forever. I decided I needed a pair of nude shoes to go with the striped jacket. Unfortunately she wouldn’t pose for photos and the venue was dark.

Wendy-Williams-Hold-Me-In-ContemptA review of the book will be forthcoming. I’m reading it on the train to and from work. I hear it might rival Fifty Shades of Grey. So if you see me blushing on the train, you know I’ve gotten to a juicy part. I might have to cover my face with my new jacket from Burlington.

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