How Amazon Made Me a Huge Fan












I have an all-new appreciation for Amazon. They understand customer service. I bought a ceiling fan from them back in July that ran beautifully and then suddenly died. My work week is always a bit crazy so I didn’t get around to doing anything about it till Saturday, but decided to write customer service anyway, knowing that would probably not get back to me for days.

I was wrong.

Within in minutes they had notified the manufacturer and the manufacturer emailed me. I told them the light work, but the when the pushing the button on the remote you could only hear clicking sounds. They offered a full refund or a brand new fan on the spot.

I wrote back saying I still loved the fan and could they please send me a replacement. I got an immediate response saying they were processing the new fan and I could expect it on Wednesday. I was blown away. From the time I wrote Amazon till the shipment email took about 10 minutes and the problem was solved. Customer service should work this way all the time.

And the Amazon credit card attached to your account makes shopping one click. Dangerous, I know. But it drives me mad how some sites make ordering so many steps.

It’s all about responsiveness.
Brands are usually a bit frightened when it comes to social media and the voice people have today. But they have nothing to worry about if they make good products, stand behind them and give great customer service. No one expects a product to be perfect and despite workers checking things on the assembly line sometimes you get the 1 out of a million bummer product. How they treat the customer with a problem goes a long way ensuring the customer is satisfied and they will still be customers.

Amazon just made me a huge fan. (pun intended)

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