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My son recently sent home a photo of himself in front of a Black Hawk helicopter and another of himself in war paint and camouflage from his weekend exercises. At that moment, it hit me– I am a military mom.

I am not the mother of son, who is in college and just a student, I am the mother of a soldier in the making. And although he’s not at war, he’s preparing for war and that Black Hawk photo brought it all to the forefront. It made me choke back tears even though I have nothing to worry about for a few more years. But now every time I look at him, a piece of me will be thinking, “I could lose my son.”

I have no idea what triggered this desire in him to serve his country, but he is serious and committed to the Corp. And in my head, I can see him as a career officer since he so loves the discipline, the sense of accomplishment, and pride the Army has instilled or unleashed in him. I have often wondered if playing Call Of Duty or childhood war games led him down this path.

No one has ever said motherhood was easy, but being a military mom will be my toughest challenge. I am so proud of him. I have yet to experience him being deployed off to some conflict-torn country where communication home will be sporadic at best. I can imagine hearing alerts on the news, knowing he might be in the area and panicking as to his whereabouts and safety. I can only hope I might be able to push those thoughts from my head.

It’s comforting to know there are so many support groups out there for the military mom. There are Facebook groups, meet ups and blogs all catering to the military mom.

Here are some great sites for moms with a loved one in the military.

Here are some great sites for moms with a loved one in the military.

1)  While You Were Away

2)  NAMMAS: National Association of Military Moms and Spouses

3)  A Sailors Pin Up Girl

4)  Army Mom Strong

5)  Kitchen Combat

6) The Only Girl Among Boys

7) The Meat And Potatoes of Life

8) Midlife Army Wife

9) Sergeant Major Mom

10) A Modern Military Mother

And companies are understanding the need to support those left behind while the men are overseas. Babies R Us, Disney, and Wal-mart are working with Operation Shower to support the military mom who might not have support of friends and families nearby. There are even companies who support the hiring of military spouses.

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