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Years ago, I went to greet a prospective client and the very first thing out of his mouth was, “You’re going to get rosacea.” My first reaction was what? Who are you to tell me this? And what was it even?

On a visit with my daughter to the dermatologist, I was asked, “Do you want to do something about your rosacea?” What? I’m a redhead and we blush especially when attention is focused on us. It’s only a little redness. Redheads are expected to turn a little pink once in a while. It’s just a ginger thing.

So I ignored them all until I got the chance to do an interview Dr. Nichols at Blogher.

Do you know some of the symptoms?

• Blushing: a tendency to blush or flush easily
• Redness: persistent redness in the center of the face
• Irritation: a burning or stinging sensation on the face; the skin also may itch or feel tight
• Bumps: red bumps, visible blood vessels and pus-filled pimples may occur
• Eyes: burning, itching, watery eyes and/or swollen eyelids

What triggers it?
Researchers suspect that rosacea may be caused by a combination of inflammatory proteins and peptides in the skin, rather than by bacteria. But the most common triggers for flare-ups include seasonal weather conditions, emotional stress, exercise, alcohol consumption and spicy foods. Great. My life is full of stress. I exercise five times a week and what can a girl do about the weather?

Did you know it can get worsen?
Yes, it can affect your eyes, lead to self esteem issues and depression. And you can end up with a bulbous nose that only plastic surgery can correct. Wow. But the good news is there is treatment for this.

Please watch the video. And be more gentle then my experience has been on how you tell someone in your life they might have rosacea. There is even more information at

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