How Often Should You Wash Sheets, Makeup Brushes, PJs?


I was watching the Today Show and the topic was how often do you wash your pajamas. Good question, right? Of course, they called up Martha Stewart, the queen of baking and I guess, cleanliness. It doesn’t take a genius to guess her response was “wash your pajamas every day.”

We all sweat when we sleep so it makes sense. However, I’m not washing mine every day. Normal people don’t do laundry every day. Or do they?

After doing some due diligence I’ve discovered that I’m not at all the clean freak my daughter likes to claim I am. There are so many things I’m remiss about keeping as clean as they should be and I’ll bet I’m not alone.

How often should you change your sheets?
I tend to change mine every two weeks. My daughter has to be forced to change hers or I have to do it for her or she would go months without feeling the need to change them. I would go longer if I was comfortable sleeping on the right side of my bed. I could do one week on the left and one week on the right reducing the need to wash them as often. But the right answer is minimum once a week. Martha, however, does hers at least 2x a week. I highly doubt she does her sheets though. It’s probably someone on her staff.

I do recommend getting allergen pillow cases and a mattress cover. I found them fairly inexpensive on Amazon and I do think this has helped with allergies and keeping the mattress in good shape. 


How often should you wash your make up brushes?
Elle recommends you wash your makeup brushes very two weeks. I have been doing mine about once a month. I actually enjoy washing them so I don’t know why I don’t do them more often. And they do feel nicer once they’ve been de-clogged. You need to do this because it will make application better and easier in many cases and you want to remove bacteria. Ew!


How often should you clean hair brushes?
I’m really remiss when it comes to cleaning hairbrushes. My daughter freaks out over loose hairs so I’m sure she never cleans here. The Today Show said ever one to two weeks. I think I do mine every six months if I’m lucky. They do make hairbrushes that you can snap and immediately it releases all the hair for instant hair removal. I will be going home tonight and cleaning my brushes because as the article linked above pointed out dirty brushes just put it back into your hair after you’ve shampooed. The deeper I dig to write this piece the more I feel like a pig.

How often do you clean your smart phone?
The London School of Hygiene revealed that almost every smartphone is covered with bacteria. 92 percent of phones are filthy. Who are the eight percent who are leading clean lives? I’d like to know.  This study also 16 percent of the phones it examined had E. coli present. How disgusting is that? I’m going to be buying some Clorox disinfecting wipes right away.

How often do you clean your glasses and sunglasses?
I wear contacts and was pretty sloppy about cleaning my hands. I learned from my optometrist that I should wash and dry my hands before inserting them as the water left on my fingers could contain bacteria. I do that religiously. I can’t say I clean my glasses all that often. And there is a right and wrong way to clean them. I’ve used Windex which is a big no. And the cloths they give you from the eye doc. But what is the best way to clean them? Just lotion-free soap, water and a lint-free cloth. No need to spend money on special products.

Time to stop writing and go clean up my act. If you have any other cleaning tips be sure to add them in the comments section. Thanks! Here’s to healthier living.

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