How to Achieve Success Outside of the Corporate Setting Using Technology

Looking for flexibility that the typical office does not provide? With advances in technology, now almost any office work can be done virtually.  Here are some great tools to help you achieve success outside of corporate and on your own.

SkypeBe virtually anywhere at any time.  Do you need to work with a team of people located across the country?  Use Skype to share your screen and have either an audio meeting or video conference from home or on the go, with the Skype app. Do you need to perform training, fix settings on another users’ computer, or work on an application as a team? Take control of any computer during a meeting and get work done efficiently and effectively using After the free sign up and fast installation, share the ID and get to work!

Dropbox: Have access to your most important files anytime, anywhere with Dropbox. This free “cloud storage” service allows you to save up to 2GB to start, and increases with referrals. Log into Dropbox via any computer or smartphone (using the Dropbox app), to retrieve and share your files.  Another great perk is the security of knowing that your files are backed up on a server and safe from computer crashes.

Hootsuite: Get your social media plan in place and start scheduling your shares with Hootesuite.  This cool site allows you to schedule multiple posts to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, etc., for free. This keeps your social media profiles active whether you’re at work or on the go.

Square: Start your on the go business and accept credit card payments wherever you are by attaching Square to your smartphone. Signup and choose between two plans: pay $275 per month with 0% credit card processing fee, up to $250,000, or pay 2.75% per credit card swipe with no monthly fee.

With technology and a little creativity, you can be successful wherever you are.


Business professional & entrepreneur, Kariann Iannizzotto, created TycoonMama in an effort to provide present & future home-based business owners with the web & administrative services assistance necessary to develop & build a successful online business.

You can find her at:, on Twitter at: @TycoonMama and Facebook at:@TycoonMama

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