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Regardless all the technical progress we’ve made in the last 20 years, the truth is that books are still among the most powerful tools to learn the world and better understand what life is about. As much as 56 percent of young adults read more than ten books per year, and also this number leaves much to be desired, it points unambiguously to one thing: books are still king.

That’s why it is so tremendously important for you as a parent to get your little kids used to reading. You as a parent hold a special power of introducing your kid to everything new, so take your chance and do all you can to make your little human understand all the beauty of reading.

In case your kids are still too young to read by themselves, you can start reading to your kids aloud. Studies show children can listen on a higher language level than they can read. Not only is this a great way to send them to sleep, but also a very gentle approach towards raising a book lover. But here comes a reasonable question, what books should you actually choose? Don’t worry, you’ll find a very detailed answer to this question below.

How to choose the right book for your kid?
There is no right answer to this question. Tastes differ, and what is remarkably interesting for one child might be insanely boring to another. However, there are some best practices you should be geared to:

It should be free of violence and brutality.
Although it’s true that modern cartoons feel fine featuring fights and weapons, it’s better for you to choose books free of such context. Of course, one day your kid will grow up and learn the reality, but reading stories and fairy-tales with violent episodes can result in bad dreams and increased anxiety – obviously not what you’d love your kids to have.

It must celebrate and encourage virtues and goodness.
Children tend to seek for role models in stories they like. And you as a parent should take the most out of this tendency. Choose books that appraise kindness, courage, and empathy. You’ll be amazed what a good influence it will have on your child’s behavior.

It should be inspiring and attention grabbing.
Staying focused and concentrated is a complicated task even for adults, so don’t expect that your child will be able to listen to the story and avoid all possible destructions for even 15 minutes. To catch the attention of your kids for the maximum time possible, choose stories that make you itching to learn what’s next.


It needs to be educational in a certain way.
That’s not to say that all books you read aloud to your kid must be on serious subjects, but it’s better if stories you share can help your kid discover something new. Otherwise, it’s only entertainment.

It should be focused on subjects that matter (ethics, history, geography, and etc.)
You might think that your kids are fed up with history and biology thanks to their classes at school, but you might be wrong. In nearly all cases, academic curriculum is not as interesting as it should be. As a result, children risk losing their interest in these important disciplines once and for all. However, you have enough power and authority not to make this happen. Use storytelling to make your kids interested in a history of their country and evolution of the world. This will help raise a well-rounded and interesting personality.

Books keep the wisdom and knowledge of those who’ve ever lived on planet Earth. As soon as your kid understand this simple fact, he or she will get a key able to open any door in this world. Make reading aloud to your kid a nice daily habit, and chances are good that one day you’ll be glad you did.

Here are three great resources from teachers and reading specialists:

1. Marsha Townsend is a 4th grade teacher and learning specialist and her list is a great place to start for younger children. You’ll recognize many favorites like Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar and Good Night Moon.

2. CommonSense Media’s “50 Books All Kids Should Read Before They’re 12” is an excellent list of books sure to be your child’s favorite.

3. And Scholastic “Top 100 Children’s Books of All Time” includes classics like Madeline, Are You My Mother? and The Secret Garden to name a few.




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