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If you have kids (and we’ll assume you do given you are on this page), you know how difficult it can get to “make” them do certain things at times, like brush their teeth, wash their hands, pick up their toys, etc. As parents, we haven’t still figured out if this stubbornness of theirs is intentional (a form of testing the waters and establishing limits) or a universal kid thing. Whichever one it is, it can get pretty nerve-wracking, can’t it? Ah, those adorable little daredevils.

For some reason, the bathroom seems to be one of the rooms where they get the most restless… God knows why! So, we’ve decided it’s time we fought back by creating a bathroom atmosphere they simply won’t be able to resist. Introducing attractive colors, design, toys, personalized towels, interesting wall art and music into your bathroom area is the best way to have your kids look forward to all the bathrooms rituals.

Follow our little creative tutorial below and get a few ideas on how to give your bathroom a makeover and turn it into a kid-friendly haven.


Should I redecorate?

The bathroom is the perfect spot to go with a theme that will get your kids engaged. Over the years, the subject that has proven among the favorite thematic inspirations for the kids are water-inspired elements. Kids just love everything about marine life – boats, fish, pirates, mermaids, hidden treasure under the water, etc. – virtually anything that sea has to offer. If you know your child will love this theme, go with it. Introduce it on the walls, through the mats and the little accessories around the bathroom, such as personalized towels or treasure bins.

AN IDEA: Invent a little game of pretense: whenever your child goes into the bathroom, they become Captain Mark or Mermaid Sophie (naturally, you’ll use your children’s names), or any of their favorite sea characters. Turn their bathroom experience into an adventure and they’ll start loving anything bathroom-related.

My child doesn’t like sea motives at all. What do I do?

If your kids aren’t keen on water-inspired themes, pick some other they’ll love. These days, there are plenty of themes you can go with – everything from girly princess themes to cars and zoos. Introduce stimulating colors and patterns that will intrigue your child instead of opting for a regular, boring white. You can even turn this bathroom-upgrade into a family project: take your child shopping for a theme and ask them to choose. Come up with a story like “We are now going to choose the elements for your secret dungeon/boat crew/castle”. That way, you’ll be sure you’ve hit the target. Afterwards, you can all work on creating the perfect ambiance together.

What about functionality?

Although the initial idea of your bathroom redecoration project was to adjust it to your kids’ interests, you need to think about practicality as well. Smart repositioning of bathroom elements and additional storage space is always a good idea. No matter how small, your kids will always want to feel important and independent by being able to actually reach various bathroom items themselves. Your beautifully decorated bathroom vanities will be perfect for your kid as this way, they will be able to reach their essentials.

Think about practical but safe solutions:

  • Build lower shelves for their essentials like towels, favorite bathroom toys, toothbrush, etc.
  • Bring a solid wood step stool into the game: it will be easier for them to wash their hands, brush their teeth, get into a tub, etc.
  • Move all the medication and other dangerous elements onto the high shelves/in the top cabinets.

How do I keep them interested?

Simple – by introducing interest and stimuli. Once you’ve picked a theme and, hopefully, started your redecorating process, you should introduce little catchy elements into the bathroom, things that will keep your child’s attention. Yes, the theme will hold things together but personalized details are what will give the bathroom an extra flair.


  • Personalized towels
  • A dancing toothbrush
  • Shampoo octopus squeezers (you can make these out of rubber and hang them under the shower head)
  • A singing SoftSoap dispenser
  • A silly cartoonish hamper
  • Peek-a-boo swabs

And plenty other elements that will keep your kids interested.

Well, dear parents… we hope we’ve helped. If you’ve got some other ideas to share with us, please do – we’ll be happy to hear them.

Guest post:
Arron is an Australian based interior design blogger and DIY maker with three years of experience covering home improvement and garden renovation. He loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people and is a regular contributor to Smoothdecorator.

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