How to Create Pleasant Working Conditions


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Working in a pleasant environment is essential for high productivity. The better the employees get along, enjoy their job and feel comfortable in their office, the more efficient they’ll be. Therefore, providing pleasant working conditions should be employer’s imperative. If you’re not sure how to create a comfortable working environment for your employees, be sure to check out the following tips.

Only Keep the Best Employees

Choosing the right employees is crucial for a pleasant working environment. If your employees are professional, support teamwork, and can contribute to the enjoyable working atmosphere themselves, then you’ve hired the right people for the job. If only one worker isn’t contributing enough, or at all, to the team, an entire environment will eventually change from pleasant to less enjoyable. Namely, one person’s negative energy and bad influence will consequently spread out and affect some of the other employees, if not all of them. Therefore, it’s crucial that you keep only those who can work well with each other.


Introduce Recreation Time

Research shows that games, the use of humor, and celebrations at the office create pleasant working environment, and improve productivity. Therefore, it’s a good idea to place a basketball hoop in the parking lot, or somewhere outdoors where employees can blow off some steam during their break. Furthermore, you could play some music at a certain time every day, and help the employees relax. It worked for Microsoft’s employees; it may work for your company as well. You could also consider setting up a game room and filling it up with a foosball table, dartboard, flipper machine, a ping-pong table or even pool table. It’s a great way to help the employees relax during their break.


Listen to Employees’ Needs

It’s vital that you provide the employees with essential working supplies. State of the art machines, computers or tools will help your employees do their job flawlessly. If you’re running a restaurant, or a hair salon, work in a laboratory, or at any job that requires hours of standing, your employees would probably require you provide them with the high quality anti-fatigue mats so they can be safe. What’s more, their feet will feel more comfortable on a cushiony surface. Make sure your IT experts have the licensed software, appropriate computers, and all the necessary equipment.

Create Comfortable Working Areas

Working in a peaceful, clean, and comfortable working area is much better than having to put up with noise, clutter and low light. Therefore, invest in comfortable furniture, quality lighting, or provide the working area with plenty of natural light if possible. What’s more, allow your employees to personalize their workspace. Putting pictures of their family, friends will make them feel much more comfortable. They could also add some flowers, and decorate the space with objects and colors they like best.

Make Your Employees Happy

Bringing a dog to the office is one of the innovative ways to help the employees feel good at their workplace. They’ll be happier and more comfortable when their four-legged friends are keeping them company. Furthermore, if your employees have a hobby, let them have at least half an hour a day to work on whatever they’re passionate about, and it’ll make them content and more productive.

Final Thoughts

When your employees’ ideas are valued and appreciated, they will not only be happy with their job, but will also feel like a part of the team. If some of these aspects are not exactly how you organize your business, be sure to follow the previously listed tips and you will be on the right path to provide your employees with the pleasant working environment. Create the teams with serious and professional workers, keep the communication flowing, listen to the employees’ needs and ideas, create comfortable working area and be sure to offer them a positive reinforcement.

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