How To Get More Instagram Followers Without Buying Them


Instagram is the social platform du jour. I often forget Facebook, a platform I rarely seem to post on, owns it. And no one seems to even notice I’m not there anymore or do they inquire about my disappearance. I’ve moved over to Instagram as my preferred social playground. I like it because it’s visual, intuitive to use and doesn’t take a ton of time.

Lately I’ve been on a quest to grow my Instagram following. I will not buy followers or game the system like many do. Instead I like to build it slowly and more authentically. In my opinion there are three ways you can get more Instagram followers.

Do stick to a theme for your Instagram account.
If I could and wanted to, I would start over and have a unified theme to my Instagram account. I’m toying with the idea of seeing if could make my dog Insta-famous, but I think I’ll wait till it’s time to get a new dog.

Do work on creating better photography.
So often you see photos on Instagram that are just plain, old boring. Style your photos. Make sure they’re nicely lit. Look at how things are positioned in the photo. Do look at color. Remember that sometimes the simpler the items in the photo the better the photo. Study some of your favorite Instagrammer’s accounts to learn tips for how they take photos.

Do take the time to create captions help.
I am not a cute caption type of writer, but if I could write clever copy I’d probably get more followers as a result. Punny captions seem to work. Hubspot recommends the following:

–      ask questions

–      add call-to-actions

–      direct people to your bio

–      use emojis

I must admit I have never done any of the four items listed above. I will have to test them out and see what happens.

Do download Instagram apps to help edit your photos.
There are some great apps on Instagram that will enhance your photos. I was turned on to Snapseed, a Google app, by a fellow Instagrammer and feel in love with this app. Just don’t over edit your photos so they look fake. I like to take pics of my dog and because his fur is black and his eyes are brown you often don’t see them. With Snapseed I lighten his eye area. Or if you inadvertently have something in the background you don’t want, you can clone a nearby area and paste over the offending item.

Do look for the top hashtags relevant to your photo.
I’m not sure I love those Instagram posts where people add 25-30 hashtags. And research by Social Fresh showed less than 10 hashtags is ideal.

Do scour the internet for tips.
The web is a sea of Instagram tips if you have the time and energy to research.

Do think twice about buying followers.
There are so many apps for buying followers. I’ve yet to find anyone who has great engagement after buying followers. I watched this video below and after viewing it decided this is an incredible amount of work.

Check out my Instagram account.
I’d love to know what you think. Should I start over?  Should I delete some of the photos?

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