How to Get to 1 Million Pinterest Followers


Melissa Taylor, How to Get to 1 Million Pinterest FollowersIf you are Melissa Taylor it’s easy. And if you want to be like Melissa Taylor and have 1 million Pinterest followers now you can be. She shares her secrets and tips on how to get there in her new book, Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers.

But 1 million (plus at this point) doesn’t happen by chance. And if you are, like me, a haphazard pinner at best who lacks a real niche, knowledge of your followers, and the dedication on a daily, nay even hourly basis, to reach those numbers, that’s okay. It’s the “why” and the “what” that is also as interesting as the “how.”

Melissa has been known for quite some time as the writer behind Imagination Soup, a blog dedicated to encouraging children to develop a life long love of reading and learning. She believes that a creative approach to education is essential for both adults and children in order to create a harmonious learning relationship. She has 99 boards on Pinterest. (What? 99 boards, over a million followers? where does she find time to write a book about it much less sleep and raise her daughters and write? I thought I was the penultimate multitasker!) Her boards cover such topics as:

•  Pretend Play Ideas For Kids (17,246 followers)

•  Art Journaling For Kids (17,255 followers)

•  Outside Play and Learn (22,591 followers)

•  Science Learning Fun with Kids (23,755 followers)

Let’s just say that my 12 boards and 174 followers are a bit pale by comparison.

But Melissa would tell you that you get out what you put into it. She’s even pinned pins about pinning, the optimal times to pin a pin, and even what to pin.

Her success didn’t happen overnight. Melissa may well have been one of the first to completely embrace the possibilities of Pinterest while the rest of us were contemplating the invitation. (Full disclosure: Melissa sent me that magical golden ticket invitation, and to this day I’m still unsure if it was a blessing or a curse.)

Her book will be available on February 7, 2013, for Kindle only (sorry folks, that’s the trend in publishing these days). Chapters in Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers include:

•  Pinterest Basics
•  Pin Skills
•  Advice From Top Pinners

You are sure to see your personal brand or even business grow if you follow her tips.  Melissa also wants to know if the tips worked for you, so she’s very open to feedback. As she said, feel free to “… write a review on your blog if you have one, post a review on Amazon when it’s available, tell 500 of your closest friends, or wear a billboard sign around town. Anything!” And trust me, I fully expect to see a photo of Melissa with a “read this book” sign around her neck pinned on one of her boards.

More than 1 million Pinterest followers… a girl can dream can’t she?

Whether on Pinterest or another social media tool you use, what do you do to increase your “readership” or grow your community?


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  1. My favourite Pinterest tool is PinPinterest com. It has given me about 55k followers for my Pinterest and floods my blog with unique visitors everyday :)
    It is free to use, runs on the cloud, optimised for use on mobile devices, easy to setup, has Pin Scheduling feature and Speed Control…
    The best thing I like about PinPinterest is that it has Intelligent Content Detection algorithms, which pin only images relevant to my business to my boards :)
    I can fully rely on PinPinterest for my Pinterest marketing :)

    Lisa Hayden

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