How To Get Your Parent to Support Your Fashion Habit

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My daughter loves fashion and has since she was a tot. She used to have her brother come out and announce her arrival in the living room where she would twirl around for a minute and then run back to her room for another costume change.

So not surprisingly, she’s grown up from there scouring fashion magazines. She knows the names of every designer thing as we walk down the street, every model without reading captions and I love her style. Well, most of the time.

She lucked out and got a single room in college with it’s own walk in closet and bathroom. It’s stuffed with clothes and shoes and accessories. Whatever happened to wearing sweats and jeans in college?

But she caught me by surprise with a powerpoint presentation she sent looking to add to that closet. I couldn’t help myself and had to post it.








9 Responses to “How To Get Your Parent to Support Your Fashion Habit”

    • We worked out a deal. I’m paying half. If she aces the next two exams, I’ll pay for the whole thing.

  1. Hmm – I have heard similar case appeals from Amy but never in PPT – maybe I should make that a requirement – good business building skills!

    Mary Tarczynski
    • I wish I had someone to suck up to to get things. Just kidding.

      Holly Pavlika

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