Do You Know How To Have a Happy Family?


Ever have trouble connecting your entire family? Too many kids to handle? Too many people to show your love to at all times?  A parent has many struggles on a day-to-day basis. They never get time off and they always need to be on their A game.  After all they have a family to run, and kids to keep track of.  Being a parent is a full time job, on top of whatever other job they may have.

Justin Coulson found some trouble trying to balance all of that at once.  As a dad of 5 girls he knew he needed to find a way to manage the challenges that came to him as a parent.  He only had a 3-year old and an infant when he started to notice the rough patches in parenting and he was unsatisfied with his job as a dad.  He went on to study psychological science and then still looking for more answers he got his PhD researching how parents see their role, and how their perceptions were associated with their own happiness and meaning in life, and that of their children. Parenting literally became his job in every way possible. He was a university lecturer and researcher for four years and is now a full-time writer and speaker about parenting.  It is his life.

He knows he’s not perfect, but every day Justin tries to be a better parent for his kids.  In fact he is so passionate about sharing the science, skills and heart that connects and strengthens families he recently published a book titled “What Your Child Needs From You: Creating a Connected Family.”

“What Your Child Needs From You: Creating a Connected Family” is a practical guide to helping parents build meaningful relationships with their children.  He says the single most important thing for children to grow into happy, resilient adults is someone who can always be emotionally available to them.  According to Justin, as long as families who integrate the principles described in “What Your Child Needs From You” into their everyday lives everyone will be more peaceful, harmonious and functional, and parents will raise children who grow into kind and compassionate adults.  There are plenty of things kids will benefit from, but Justin identifies the three things children really need in life from their parents.

This book will change the way you can raise your children in the most optimistic and meaningful ways.  You can read more about Justin and what he does through his blog Happy Families and connect with him on Twitter @Justincoulson. And of course purchase the book here.


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