How To Protect Your Garden From A Curious Pet


Spring is just around the corner, and that means that many of us are heading to the shed to bust out our gardening tools. Gardening is a wonderful hobby that offers many health benefits, from increased hand dexterity to decreased alzheimer’s risk. You get to enjoy the sunshine, spend time communing with nature, and create something beautiful when it’s all said and done.

But do you know what can ruin a perfect day in the garden? Your overexcited household pet digging up all your hard work! Thankfully, you can keep cats, dogs, and other curious critters away from your garden with a few simple steps. If you follow even one of these method, you are bound to keep your tulips blossoming and your terrier safe – a win for everyone!

Create a Chicken Wire Barrier
One of the easiest ways to keep your pets out of a veggie patch or flower bed is to put a fence around it. You can find chicken wire at your local home improvement store and it is easy to install, too!

Simply put a few tall stakes in the ground around your garden and wrap a roll of chicken wire around one stake. When you aren’t gardening, unroll the wire and wrap it around the area, using the other stakes to prop it up. This will keep nosy pets away, and you can remove it easily when you want to show off your beautiful work.


Break Out The Coffee Beans
An animal’s sense of smell is leaps and bounds beyond our own. As such, there are many aromas they can’t stand – even a few that we enjoy. Believe it or not, coffee is one of those scents. If you mix used coffee grounds into the soil in your garden, you will safely and effectively keep cats, dogs, deer, and even snails and slugs from poking around your garden uninvited.


Of course, if your animal is particularly persistent, you can up the ante with a few other smells, too. Vinegar drives away animals even after it has dried, so try putting vinegar soaked rags on stakes around your garden. Orange peels have a pungent, unpleasant smell to animals, too, so it wouldn’t hurt to bury a few around your plants. In fact, it may even help – both coffee grounds and orange peels make great fertilizer!

Give Your Puppy His Own Space
Cats scratch the furniture. It’s just what they do. Of course, we all try to stop them but what happens when we can’t? We buy a scratching post and give kitty an outlet to do her thing. This philosophy can extend to most animals – we can’t stop their instincts, so we ought to learn to live with them. So when you have a dog who simply loves to dig, you just might have to give him room to do it.

Pet-friendly areas in the yard are a great way to give your pet room to be himself. Put a sandbox somewhere far away from your garden and give him free reign to dig away! Sure, you may have to watch for a few surprises (and pull out the scooper every now and again), but if he knows this is his “dig zone,” he’ll be less likely to make a mess of your marigolds.

Try out these methods until you find one that works – you’ll be happy for an undisturbed garden, and your pet will be free from your disappointed scolding. You can make this spring a delightful season for your and your four-legged friends!

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