Huggies donates 22.5 million diapers but misses some social opps with Moms











Wow, one in three Moms struggles to afford diapers for their little ones according to a study conducted in 2010 with 2,500 moms in the U.S. and Canada.

And look at how many diapers a baby needs:
• Babies need 6-10 diapers
• Through age 2 ½, a baby needs an average 7,000 diapers a day
• Diapers cost up to $75 a month

And because Moms are scrimping on diapers, Moms and babies are suffering. According to the Huggies® Every Little Bottom study: “When mothers couldn’t change their baby’s diaper, they said their babies cried more and suffered from diaper rash. In order to have enough diapers for their baby, mothers in financial hardship reported cutting back on essentials like food and skipping paying bills. No wonder mothers who can’t afford enough diapers report more anxiety and feeling like a “bad mother.” Diaper need just adds to the stress experienced by families in financial hardship.”

So Huggies is giving away 22.5 million diapers to Diaper Banks across America and Canada. And they will be providing tools for individuals and local groups to help out by hosting diaper drives and information on how to help.

It’s a very worthy cause and here are some ways you can get involved.

• Start a local Diaper Bank. Most diaper banks are set up by Moms in local communities.

• You can donate diapers through Amazon diaper bank wish lists. And they will even deliver the diapers locally.

• You can donate through shelters, church centers and the partnerships Huggies has set up with the United Way, Girl’s and Boys Clubs of America.

But, Huggies, you missed a social media opportunity with your Every Little Bottom program.
I am hoping over the coming months Huggies builds upon this from a social media campaign perspective. This is a cause Moms would get behind.

Here’s some things that are missing:

• The twitter and Facebook links take you to pages that have no content relevant to the Every Little Bottom initiative.

• On Facebook there is little information on the program. Mom has to leave Facebook to go to the website. This means you’ve missed an opportunity for the Mom to use Facebook sharing features to spread the word dynamically.

• Provide the 140-character tweet about the program making it easy for Mom to spread the word.

• Make it easy for Moms who can’t afford to donate a whole bag by adding functionality for them to help by simply donating $1 towards the purchase of more diapers. Oprah has proved the power of small donations again and again. Plus busy Moms might not have time to find a local diaper bank and drop off diapers.

• Add a thank you/incentive for Moms by giving them coupons towards their own purchases for sharing, following, tweeting on about the program.

• Add rich video content. Show Moms in need and Moms helping the cause. It would have added a poignant, emotional connection and drive motivation for the effort.

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