I hate to be a bad guy, but “Jimmy Dean Villains” campaign misses with Moms.










Kids not getting enough protein and feeling a bit sluggish? Well, this new social media campaign from Jimmy Dean targeting Moms is out help her and remind her about the importance of giving her child a good breakfast.

The site is done comic book fashion and is a dynamic site, but I must say I am hard pressed to see how this is something a Mom would relate to.

One of the things Moms hate is to be talked down to and the overall impression is a bit juvenile. Granted Moms like a bit of humor in their lives, but this Mom thinks it’s missed the mark. I played the games and they are very simple and feel like something a Mom might share with her child although the content is all directed to Mom.

So I reached out to some Moms I know and asked their opinion.

“I had an immediate headache. The only piece of useful information on this site is the $1.00 coupon, but I would say most Moms will have already left the site before finding it. I would absolutely not share this with any of my Mom friends, but I might put it in front of my 1-year-old for 5 minutes of distraction, “ said Crissy Page of Dear Crissy.

And what did the infamous Sugar Jones, of SugarJones.tv have to say?

“I think the Jimmy Dean Sun just jumped the shark.

My 6 yr old son likes this. My 8 yr old daughter and I think it’s a “boy site.” I could see the videos playing on Cartoon Network or on Spike. Campy works if it’s done right and played at the right time of day, but I can’t see too many of my peers going out and buying Jimmy Dean’s based on this site. If anything, I can see them passing over and choosing a less annoyingly marketed product,

But if they are selling to 6 to 9 year old boys, it’s perfect,” said Sugar in her usual tell-it-like-it is way.

Moms love content. And the site has videos. But the videos are basically TV spots where social sharing has been made available. In the new world order of social media marketing, video content that gets shared in social spaces needs to be helpful, entertaining and tell a story. Moms know the importance of a good breakfast, but the real problem is getting your child to eat what you want them to eat. Tips on making breakfast fun or fitting it in with the morning rush would have help her tremendously. There were many missed opportunities for Jimmy Dean to connect with Moms from a content perspective.

I searched the web for more social aspects of the campaign. The Facebook page only showed Wall posts. Maybe it’s coming? I searched for Mom blogger outreach and only found one instance of a Mom promoting the campaign. Is the social aspect of this campaign just the sharing capabilities?

So while I’m at it, I feel compelled to mention this. Women make 85% of the purchases across many categories like purchasing of food products like Jimmy Dean. We hold the purses strings. But who creates the marketing efforts towards us?

“Well only 3% of creative directors of female. That leaves men at the helm. No wonder so many brands fail to reach us, ” and that’s all Holly has to say today.

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