If You Give a Mom a Smartphone…


Moms on smartphonesGuest post by Jeannette Bezinque

Moms love smartphones; smartphones are our command centers for life. Studies show they are the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we check at night. Most moms won’t leave our homes without them and if you ask a mom what it would to take to pry her phone out of her hands the answer is a lot. So this holiday season, be careful what you give her…

If you give a Mom a smartphone…

If you give a Mom a smartphone, she’s going to take a photo of her adorable kids and post it to Facebook. Everyone will “like” it so much that she’ll need to start a blog to showcase her family. When she starts her blog, she’ll have to get more readers, so she’ll read other blogs and make connections by leaving comments as traces of her path through the Internet. She’ll learn about parenting first, then crafting, household care, cooking, deals, and marketing. Of course, she will need a way to organize all those wonderful ideas so she will join Pinterest. She will pin beautiful boards of inspiration and make amazing plans for how to delight her family with delectable feasts and awe-inspiring projects.

Now that everyone is taking beautiful photos, she’ll need a new camera and some photography classes to fit right in. She’ll put the Instagram app on her smartphone since that’s always handy. Before long she’ll be clicking at an angle and filtering photos like a seasoned pro. She’ll need to order Photoshop so that she can design infographics to spread her message like wildfire.

Next up, she’ll see that there is a hashtag on a friend’s photo, so she’ll dive into Twitter, where she will tweet to her heart’s content about everything and nothing. In no time, she’ll be connecting and networking with so many Moms, that great ideas will soar in a mixture of post/tweet/photos. She’ll notice that someone else “liked” her status about cleaning up the neighborhood. Then another Mom “repinned” her board on breastfeeding advice. A Twitter party will show an outpouring of support for planting trees and she’ll realize that the power of social change started in her hand.

But wait, there’s so much work to do, she’ll need a virtual assistant, too. Now that she’s a Networked Mom, she’ll brand and rebrand her image while she takes on speaking engagements and broadcasts webinars. Before too long, her YouTube page will hit 1 million pageviews. Armed with her smartphone, she’ll challenge her following to be better, do better, and clean up the planet. She’ll even travel abroad to bring hope and encouragement to those who need it most. All the while inspiring those back home to be advocates for their communities.

Her mind will buzz with ideas 24/7 that she can deliver day or night, so she’ll sleep next to that phone. When she wakes up, she’ll kiss the person who inspired it all good morning and patiently wait for the day that she can hand her daughter a smartphone.

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Jeannette is a lifestyle blogger and stay at home mom to two daughters, Audrey and Hannah. Her background in the arts (theater, fashion, design, and music) is shaping the creative way she raises her girls. She keeps an eco-friendly home in an effort to save money and is adept at the art of simplifying.


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