In honor of my 100th blog article: a tribute to 100 of my Mom Twitter followers.









When first I started writing the Mom-entum blog back in October 2009, I was scared to death. Really scared. What was I starting? What was I thinking? Was I going to be able to sustain? Would anyone want to read my drivel? I think I must have stared at the white screen for hours and thrown multiple versions away before bravely pressing the “publish” button. After all, once you start you can’t stop, as your audience will be expecting to hear from you. I was officially joining the more than 23 million women bloggers.

Well, this article marks my #100 blog posting. How did that happen? It happened because it’s been so exciting I just couldn’t stop. The blog has led to a white paper and numerous speaking opportunities. I’ve met so many interesting Moms along the way (and a few Dads): Moms into fashion, cars, technology, fitness, cooking, green living, beauty…Moms building businesses and Moms with causes. In fact, I still have that blogger high we all experience with each new reader or new follower. I hope I never lose it. Although I’m sure my office would love me to calm down a bit.

So in March, a few months after beginning the Mom-entum blog, I started on Twitter. Did I lose my mind? I have a full time job that is so much more than a 9-to-5 job. I have two demanding teenagers. And I think I’m going to find time be on Twitter? Well I did. And I love Twitter.

So in honor of blog article #100, here are 100 of my favorite Twitter followers in no particular order. I’m hoping that I meet so many of them at this year’s Blogher event.

1. @Stylebakerymom
2. @The_Stir
3. @SeeMummyJuggle
4. @capabilitymom
5. @KidsAreHeroes
6. @WhyMomsRule
7. @CurrentMom
8. @newmommyreviews
9. @pragmaticmom
10. @ErikaLehmann
11. @shannonwhite
12. @AutomaticMama
13. @Tropic_of_Mom
14. @foodiemama
15. @StylishMomma
16. @LiveGreenMom
17. @wellconnectedmom
18. @TheGoToMom
19. @1MotivatedMommy
20. @Fit2Bmom
21. @Mobilemomma
23. @AgooMomKristal
24. @LucretiaPruitt
25. @KidSafeMom
26. @JoyfulAbode
27. @VelveteenMind
28. @firefreckles
29. @reallifewkids
30. @HollywoodMom
31. @redneckmommy
32. @PetiteMommy
33. @StacieinAtlanta
34. @ConfessionsMom
35. @momnettv
36. @classmom
37. @MomsofAmerica
38. @coffeewithjulie
39. @GymMama
40. @VeraSweeney
41. @momconfessional
42. @thebump
43. @rockinmoms
44. @Seeds4Parents
45. @BloggyMoms
46. @melissaonline
47. @womentorz
48. @MamaBritt
39. @stacythewriter
50. @AudreyMcClelland
51. @Mamaista
52. @MacaroniKidNYC
53. @techmama
54. @bitofmomsense
55. @60secondparent
56. @momblognetwork
57. @mablehood
58. @DebraZimmer
59. @TeamMomMedia
60. @ResourcefulMom
61. @DenverVictoria
62. @ChiefHotMomma
63. @crissy
64. @madhattermom
65. @NewMommyOasis
66. @juliecole
67. @kellidaisy
68. @MOMmuseum
69. @mrmomonline
70. @askpatty
71. @GirlsGuideParis
72. @stacysoleil
73. @YummyMummyClub
74. @misslori
75. @wendyscherer
76. @mommyNaniBooboo
77. @kmunse
78. @TracyLiebmann
79. @thebadmomsclub
80. @supermomcentral
81. @MommyPerks
82. @NewYorkDad
83. @dadarocks
84. @brandyellen
85. @DagmarBleasdale
86. @pinkhairgirl
87. @allenmireles
88. @bizmomcoach
89. @wiredmom
90. @powderpuffbrig
91. @ShellyKramer
92. @Nirvana_Mamma
93. @momsatwork
94. @techtalkformoms
95. @247moms
96. @She_Scribes
97. @betterwaymoms
98. @lipsticking
99. @HighImpactMom
100. @Annie_Fox

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