In social media, it’s not just about content, it’s about timing.

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One of the things I find fascinating is watching the twitter stream of the Mom-entum followers. Over time I’ve discovered the times, the kind of content and who I will generally find online at any given time. It’s just common sense if I want to have an engaged audience, I need to be there when they’re there. I’ve also discovered a connection with timing and the type of content I talk about. Moms are generally not very interested in talking business late at night– it’s time to socialize with friends and relax. So while this recent infographic by Dan Zarella, the social scientist, doesn’t cover content, it does give interesting insight into timing so I just had to share it with all of you in case you missed this.

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  1. Very interesting information. The only thing I was surprised about was that the best time to tweet was at 5 pm. But like you said, it didn’t take into account content. For a mom audience (SAHM), 5 pm doesn’t work well as they’re already feeding the young ones an early dinner or getting dinner ready.

    Bicultural Mama

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