In the company of 2500 Mom bloggers (and few Dads) all on the “brand” wagon.








Last weekend I attended my first Blogher convention. I found myself strolling the halls with 2500 women who were there to attend sessions and network. It was amazing to meet Moms I’ve only talked to on Twitter and to be recognized from my avatar. It was a bit disconcerting at first, as it was almost a cultlike atmosphere of passionate bloggers. The first timers were busy attending sessions to grow skill sets while the seasoned influencer bloggers were arranging meetups, tweetups, socializing and networking for relationships with the many sponsors.

But if I were asked what was the most memorable part, I would say I have two stories for you about two different brands. It was nice to see two companies promoting themselves based on marketing to women insights.

The first story
One of the first items you receive after checking in and get your badge is the typical conference bag. This bag I was given seemed typical at first view as well, but in reality was so unexpected. It contained a beautiful story. The bag was sponsored by

You see a woman made this bag…a very special woman. This woman, as in the case of many other women in Kolkata, India, was selling her body on the street in order to take care of herself and her daughter. Thousands of women have had no choice but to resort to prostitution in order to feed their children. But this bag was representative of an effort to change lives like hers. Through the purchase of this bag on, she and women like her are able to live their lives with dignity. All the proceeds from the bag go to wages, healthcare and help with them deal with a variety of issues like the psychological effects of abuse.

I came home from the conference and shared the bag and the story with my daughter. She had tears in her eyes and was deeply moved. I have since told many women the story. This bag and the sentiment behind it is a reflection of the power women have to change the world and how this brand did a great job of tapping into the kinds of messages that Moms/women connect with. Moms love brands who support causes they love and will try a brand because it 
supports a cause
. In fact, they will pay more for a brand that supports a cause she 
cares about.

The second story
The second story I would tell is of the P&G’s Future Friendly sponsor booth. They set up bins. Attendees could come in and deposit into the bins any of the gifts they did not want they had received from the various companies represented at Blogher. Moms could put the unwanted in the bin and take anything from any of the bins. At the end of the conference, P&G Future Friendly would recycle everything appropriately. In this case, P&G did an excellent job of tapping into another insight in women. Numerous studies have shown women more green choices and are more likely to pay attention to brands that are 
committed to environmental causes. 
And if you didn’t know…25% of all products in a woman’s shopping cart today are 
environmentally friendly.

Will I attend next year? Absolutely.

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