In the spirit of full disclosure…


With full disclosure, I admit I feel guilty about the Klout Perks I’ve been receiving. Do I deserve them? Mom-entum is my blog and twitter community that I began as a side part of my job in social media. It began because a consultant said we had something unusual– a female creative director creating marketing campaigns for women/moms. And if you aren’t familiar with the statistic¬¬–only 3% of creative directors in the U.S. are female. And besides, how can you truly say you are a social media expert if you aren’t experiencing, engaging and practicing what you preach?

So in full disclosure, I want to make everything clear to my audience. First I wear three hats: 1. I am an employee of Big Fuel where I am now not the creative director, but the Managing Director working on social media campaigns for brands that very often target moms; 2. I created Mom-entum for Big Fuel, and it is a community of moms and brands that focuses on sharing insights for brands on how to use social media to connect with moms; and 3. I’m a real mom. Upon occasion, some of Big Fuel’s clients will reach out to moms that are part of Mom-entum for marketing efforts. Everything is fully disclosed to the mom blogger(s) that I wear multiple hats.

And as far as the guilt surrounding the Klout perks, so far I’ve given all my perks to someone else.

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