Infographic: Don’t Play Games with Playground Safety

Playground safety for kids.

Children are curious by nature and will instinctively endeavor to explore the world around them. When brought to a playground, or playing in the back garden, they will strive to climb as high and wander as far as possible, often doing so at a running pace. The unfortunate consequence of such energetic activity is the child getting hurt, and while minor cuts and bruises can be mended within minutes before your little ones resume their playful exploration, other injuries may not be so readily fixed.

Playground equipment such as swings, climbers, slides and roundabouts could easily contribute to a serious injury if it is maintained or constructed poorly, or if people with responsibility fail to supervise children adequately. Indeed, around 40% of playground injuries are linked with inadequate supervision, as per a study by Safe Kids Worldwide. Another contributing factor to playground injuries is a poor layout, for instance when equipment is stationed too close to one another and children collide upon disengaging from the equipment.

Playground safety begins with reliable construction practices. That means a sensible layout, all precautions taken (e.g. erecting high fencing) and testing equipment to ensure that it meets safety standards. Then it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to keep a watchful eye over children while they’re playing. That means watching them the whole time and intervening if the child is putting themselves or other children at risk. You can check up on your social media another time when a child doesn’t require your supervision.

This infographic from Crowe Sawmills  contains some important safety advice so that your children can enjoy the wonders of a playground with minimal risk of them suffering a nasty injury.

Do-not-Play-Games-with-Playground-Safety-Visual-asset (1)


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