Introducing Mamiverse and Club Mami– a new home for the very social Latina mom.


Target has partnered with and its launch of a new website tailored to Latina moms. Latina moms are very socially connected, love mobile and if that isn’t enough to convince you of why this is a smart move, consider this number: Latinos are slated to have the buying power of $1.4 trillion by 2013.

According to
• 82% percent of mid- and high-acculturated Latina moms are online.
• Virtually 100% of Hispanic moms online are engaged in social networking.
• 84% of Hispanic moms are on Facebook.

And Baby Center, with their Hispanic Moms Acculturation study–part of the 21st Century Mom™ Insight Series, found that 57% of Latino moms love to shop vs. 30% of the rest of the population. No wonder the Target affiliation! is all in English. I expected to see some content in Spanish. I asked Rene Alegria, CEO and Founder of Mamiverse, about this and he said, “85% of Latina moms prefer to read English online. This number is only going to get bigger as the next generation acculturates. It was important for us to hone our content so that it reflects the experience of this particular English-dominant Latina mom. She’s the driving force of America’s next century.” And after a bit of my own research, I discovered that Latino moms indeed do not consume much media in Spanish.

Mamiverse is a bright and colorful destination. “We wanted the colors and textures to feel new, fresh, sharp, and smart, without falling into the a cultural stereotype many companies unfortunately embrace when ‘trying’ to appeal to our community. I think we did a great job. Everyone is saying so anyway,” replied Rene. “And that means so much to us.”

Moms can join Club Mami and create a personal profile and network with other moms. Much of the content is centered around home and family which is very important to Latino families: eating healthy, finance, education and mom style. And every mom loves brands who support causes they care about, so Target is running banner ads on the site to promote their $1 billion commitment to helping kids read more and get the education they need.

So how much say did Target have in the site?
“Target had zero input on the site content and design,” Rene said. “They chose to support us a week before we launched, and we’re thrilled they’re on board. Their forward design sensibility embodies the aspirational message that Mamiverse holds so dear.”

How did you choose the content?
“So many amazing authors, journalists, thinkers, professionals, etc., really stepped up to support the site. It was as if they collectively breathed a sigh of relief and said, ‘Finally, a place where I can express how I feel, how my view is unique.’ The rest was easy,” he replied.

What are Mamiverse’s plans going forward?
“We’re excited to continue producing smart, empowering content that speaks to Latina moms and daughters in a way that no other outlet is currently doing,” Rene said. “Beyond our core Health, Money, School, and Style groups, we’ll also launch an Entertainment page this fall, and a political page called VoterMami later in the year. As we head into a heated election season, we want to make sure Latina moms’ voices are heard above the political din and rhetoric. The numbers are on our side. The Mamiverse future is bright one.”

You can also join Mamiverse on Facebook here.

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