Introducing RedRover. Come on over to the private social network for parents.


A few months ago, I met Kathryn Tucker for lunch. Kathryn has gone from movie maker to app developer and Mom-trepeneur. Over lunch she presented from her iPad her RedRover app. I was very impressed with her vision for the app. When my kids were little, I was always scratching my head for something to keep them occupied or wondering if some of my friends would end up at the playground as well. At the time, Kathryn was still developing RedRover so I promised when she was ready, we would write about it on Mom-entum. Well scratch your head no more, RedRover app for iPhones is here–and the Droid that will be debuting shortly. And if you wish you can download the web version.

Introducing Redrover the private social network for parents.

RedRover is a private social network for parents for making plans on the fly.  The app and site allow you to easily make plans and invite your friends to join you.  You can also tell people where you are right now, so that your friends nearby can join you for an impromptu get-together.  It even gives you ideas for things to do locally.  The places tab shows you places nearby, where there are clean bathrooms, and if the place is kid-friendly. And if there is an emergency, RedRover helps you get a hold of 911 or find the nearest hospital.  As of this week, you can add photos to your comments and plans, which makes the experience of using RedRover even more fun.

RedRover is really about the friends that you run into on the street, make dinner plans with, arrange playdates with and just want to spend more time with.

RedRover takes the pain out of coordinating with those people, making it easy and more fun to make plans. You can even use RedRover for planning a Girls Night Out or a dinner party. The possibilities are limitless.

Here’s where to join the RedRover family.

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