Is Facebook losing it’s momentum?


Recently someone commented on the low number of Facebook fans a couple of bloggers had that I had recommended for a program. Many of the moms I am a friend with who are renown in the mom social circles don’t have big Facebook numbers. Their followings are more behind their blogs or on Twitter.

Although not specifically commenting on women or moms, Reuters and Ipsos, recently issued a report that 35% of Facebook users are less engaged than they’ve been in the past. And 4 out of 5 have never been influenced by a Facebook ad.

I’m not surprised by these facts. With anything, enthusiasm usually wanes over time unless you make it fresh on a continual basis. The social mom usually reserves Facebook for friends and family while other social sites are for her broader audience. While for the new mom, Facebook is a great place to share her excitement over a new baby, for the older mom Facebook could be seen as a bit of a chore according to a study by The New Parents Project. And she already has enough chores. LOL!

And despite the numbers that say 75% of moms are on Facebook, being on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean she is engaged on Facebook. She may have a personal page but it is her personal page. And while the social mom likes to engage with brands it’s not an easy ask.

Here are some suggestions.

• Give reasons.
Mom is not going to “like” a brand just to like a brand. She will need a reason and beyond a coupon.

• Keep it simple.
Brands need to keep any asks simple or counter any asks with the balance of a reward/offer that is meaningful.

• Consider the ask.
Allowing apps access as part of a campaign will automatically affect engagement numbers. Again the balance between the access and the offer are key to whether a mom will engage. She will think twice before allowing access to a brand to her data.

• Give good content.
Content is critical. Brands that just talk about sales, coupons, new store openings and themselves are not going to get the engagement and fan growth that a brand will get that provides useful, relevant and engaging content on top of the coupons and self promotion.

• Be entertaining. Moms lead busy lives managing households and careers/businesses. We all need a little laughter.

• Inspire. One of the reasons Pinterest has grown so quickly is because it inspires us. I’ve never heard one mom tell me any Facebook content has inspired her.

• Make it easy to understand. The most important part of any campaign is making sure the audience will understand it. Create a video tutorial. Explain it in “5 easy steps.” More often that not, a campaign will fail because of lack of clarity.

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  1. I’m similar to some of these moms you talk about – I mainly reserve my personal FB page for just friends and family. My #’s are in pageviews and Twitter.

    Bicultural Mama

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