Is Gray Hair the New Black?


To dye or not to dyeAs someone who has been coloring her hair for years, I was surprised to learn that gray hair is somewhat of a trend in Hollywood, who would have thought? I recently saw pictures of Kelly Osbourne and Pink sporting gray hair, commonly known as silver in Tinseltown. So back in November I decided to jump on the silver bus and go au natural forgoing my upcoming hair color appointment. In retrospect, it was not one of my better decisions.

The idea of going gray initially intrigued me. I figured, hey if Hollywood is pushing gray as a new trend, why not give it a go? What I didn’t take into consideration is the fact that I’m not a 30 something star, and I don’t have a stylist at my beck and call to keep my hair in check.

Unexpected gray

When I began this gray kick, I really thought I would go a full year to see not only how I felt about my appearance, but how others responded to the new me. After only 3 months, when I look in the mirror first thing in the morning I think, “Ugh, this is just not attractive.” My stylist told me that gray hair is typically more coarse and wiry. Hmm, gray, coarse, and wiry. Something about that combination doesn’t scream attractive.

Though I’m far from the vainest person in the world, when I feel good about the way I look, my confidence skyrockets. When I’m having a bad hair day, I want to sink into a hole somewhere. With this gray experiment, I feel as though I’m having successive bad hair days; it’s far from a confidence booster.

When I look at my strengths, the ability to follow through is one of them. I never quit until I have reached my set goal. After only four months of deciding to go au natural, I’m ready to throw in the towel. I’m not a quitter but I do have my pride. So, I think I may pull the plug on this endeavor and instead share my newfound admiration for those women who are able to wear gray hair well.

Lessons learned from gray

In just three months, I have learned a lot about the idea of going gray. Some of those lessons include:

• Just as some women don’t wear certain colors of clothing or certain styles, gray is no different. Gray, I have discovered, just doesn’t look good on everyone.

• While blogging about my journey, I learned there are very clear alliances to gray or color. Those who choose gray can’t imagine doing it any other way. Those who color could not imagine life without their amazing colorist. As of this writing, I’m more in love with my colorist than is probably healthy!

• Going gray is not about wrong or right, hot or blah, youth or age, it’s about personal preference, pure and simple. I originally felt coloring my hair was not owning up to my age. But that’s nonsense. If I feel like I look good as a brunette, why wouldn’t I stick with that?

As women, we get to choose what makes us happy, attractive, successful, etc. And with that choice comes the life we’re in charge of. I don’t think I ever fully appreciated the abundance of choices available to me every day and how they positively impact my life. Gray can be beautiful, but not on me.

What about you? Are you a color queen or a gray goddess?


2 Responses to “Is Gray Hair the New Black?”

  1. Glad to see you have come back to the dark side, Nicki! Your journey caused me to question my own “gray” issues. Actually, my stylist went light color on me a few months ago. I could hardly wait to get back & go full color ON! Maybe some time down the road….but not ready yet- maybe never!

    Debra Lellbach
  2. Ha! Thanks Deb. Yep, you have to be comfortable with it. When you like the way you look, you just feel better.


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