Is it Wrong to Smile When Saying Goodbye?

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I love my kids. Actually, I adore my kids; they’re smart, funny, polite and interesting. However, all but one of my four kids is gainfully employed, and officially off the parental gravy train. My daughter just graduated last year and is on the hunt for the perfect job. I keep reminding her it doesn’t exist first time out of the shoot. I then find myself wishing she’d find something yesterday. As the guilt sets in, I start wondering if  I’m the only Mom that will smile when she lands a job and moves out and my house is once again my own.

Question- Is it just my children or is it common for kids to keep every light in the house on? Do all kids that come back home find the distance from the sink to the dishwasher too inconvenient to put dishes in there. Is it just my kids that forget to tell  me what we’re out of and when I go to grab my regular morning cereal, it’s gone.

So then begins the introspection about my mothering. Is it wrong for me to wish them well away from home? Is it wrong that when I go to grab my tweezers, shampoo, favorite shirt, that they’re missing? How annoying is it when laundry sits in the machine until someone (that would be me) finally puts it in the dryer. Well, actually, I have to rewash the load because mildew was setting in.

I wonder, really wonder if this is an insolated incident and I have gone terribly wrong somewhere or if this behavior and my feelings are normal? I’m looking for some consoling here, jump in any time.

Truth be told, when my kids were very little and I was having the day from hell, my elders would assure me that one day I’ll miss it. I don’t. What I miss is the innocence of the age, the sweet smell of them after a bath and the cuddling time when reading their favorite book. But the diaper changing, house disasters, and lip I don’t miss one bit.

So I suppose as I look at my daughter wondering when she’ll be moving on perhaps I should relish this last child being home, with all of it’s inconveniences and annoyances. Because one day I’m sure I’ll be telling her, “Don’t  rush things. Your kids will be gone before you know and you’ll miss them.”

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