Is the social mom a night owl or early bird?


So if the early bird catches the worm, what does the late night social mom catch? Not a lot of z’s.

So the other night I couldn’t sleep. And when I can’t sleep, I don’t even bother just laying in bed I get up and work because then I’ve accomplished something with the time. So I tried to catch up the other night by firing off some emails and answering some tweets around 3:30am. And lo and behold, to my surprise I got some answers back immediately.

Without a doubt, we are odd ducks up late creating midnight twitter streams instead of midnight sweet dreams.

Why were these moms up so late? The answer was it gave them the freedom to be with children all day, and the wee hours of the night to work without interruptions.

Who? Who? Who are these night owls? They are women who swore to me these late nights are infinitely more productive because they have fewer distractions. And they said they do it not because they have to, but because they actually enjoy what they do. How crazy is that?

But don’t forget there are also the early birds. This classification of social mom is up before the sunrise writing and organizing for the day before the family awakes for the same reason the night owls are up–there are no distractions.

What species of these driven social mom are you?

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