It’s a DADuary Celebration. Meet Jeff Bogle of “Out With The Kids” (OWTK)








“I grew up in the northern ‘burbs of Philadelphia, in a very comfortable and stable middle class family, yet decided to leave that and live in semi-squalor inside the city as a 20-year old. There I ran a small indie rock record label and rung up a disgusting amount of credit card debt. But, it was also there I’d meet my eventual wife and best friend (same person, in case that wasn’t clear). In 1999 we moved out to the western ‘burbs together with great jobs at the same solid, reputable company, bought a home, got married, had two children, and together paid off the good folks at Discover and American Express. In the summer of 2008, I left my corporate finance gig of managing the day-to-day operations of a Fortune 100 company’s multiple 401(k) retirement plans to be a stay at home dad; a brilliant move that was criticized by my family. There’s been no looking back since!

I began blogging in May of 2006, when my 1st child was 2-years old. I wanted to chronicle the ways my wife and I “parent differently” (making our own baby food, traveling to interesting locales, etc), hoping that other young families would find something useful in the way we were raising our girl. Now, in 2012, my site Out With The Kids (OWTK) is more of a web magazine with a blogging spine, and has become a recognized voice in the daddy blogger community, and a quoted one in the world of kid’s media, theater, literature, video games, and toys. I tweet and update Facebook frequently, and lurk on both too often. I have had some success using both social media platforms to grow and connect with my readership, and to uncover some exciting new opportunities.

Out With The Kids represented part of the original focus of the site, the idea that we should be out and about with our kids experiencing the world together. But I choose it also because of the play on words since it can also be read as OUT with the kids – get out! Hah! In retrospect, I should have picked something with the word ‘dad’ in it, but I started OWTK before the dad blogging boom. It took a while for many people to associate me with the daddy blogger world.

I do work with brands as a daddy blogger and I love it! I really enjoy the platform I now have to develop relationships with brands and with an audience looking for great products & services from great companies, all from an honest voice they have come to trust. I relish my role as dot-connector; bringing people together with products that I believe in. I hope to continue expanding this aspect of OWTK moving forward.

I am very pleased to be a part of the social movement that is moving the dial on public perception of fatherhood, specifically, and of modern parenting in general.

I make most of the decisions in the house, with consult from the Mrs. of course. But because she works full-time and goes to college part-time, most all of the day-to-day decision-making and household work like laundry and cooking fall to me. Thankfully, she trusts my opinions as well as my abilities in the kitchen, so it works out well!”

You can find Jeff’s blog at and follow him on twitter here.

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