It’s DADuary Celebration. Meet the GayNYCDad!









Mitch Chaitin and I keep running into each other at various blogger events and each and every time I seem to have some kind of drama with my children and need to run home. I’m beginning to think there’s something that happens to the air around us when we are in the same space.

In a continuation of the month of DADuary celebration, I’d for you to get to know Mitch also known as GayNYCDad. Mitch is a stay-at-home-dad (SAHD).

“Originally from the Bronx, I grew up in suburban New York, about 50 minutes outside of the city. After attending college in Albany I came back to the big city and worked on Wall Street for several years before becoming a fundraiser for the Arts, this is where I found my career.

During this time I had met my spouse and we worked toward and accomplished adopting the greatest kid in the world. When I was laid off after 14 years on the job I decided I would become a SAHD to better raise our child.”

I started blogging 2 years ago. I had always wanted to share our adoption story, while not easy, was also not the horror story that you hear most often. Our son is now in public school and I wanted to share with the world that our lives as a “gay” family are no different from the rest of American families.

Once I started the blog I realized extending myself into other forms of social media was important as a way of marketing the blog, a way to build readership. Hence the tweeting and facebooking. Plus, I found out that I enjoyed these social media tools as a fun way to communicate my thoughts. These days I am on the computer several hours a day working on all forms of social media.

I thought long and hard about my “handle.” I started with the word gay because it was not the most important part of who I am. My blog is NY centric, this is where we live, the greatest city in the world, so NYC came next. And the single most important thing in my life is being a dad so that is why the handle ends with dad!

My original blog mentor was a mommy blogger whose daughter is in school with my son. Through her I began to work with brands that were holding blog events in NYC. For some reason these events were mostly for mom bloggers, but I was almost always welcomed. I have since branched out and am working more and more with brands, as a parent consumer I am very active in the marketplace so I am a great candidate for most brands to write about their products! I do feel overall that brands still focus far more on the mom blog market.”


Are brands starting to get the changing role of Dads?

“Very, very slowly. As a gay stay at home dad, I spend a lot of time with the mommy bloggers. I am often the only dad blogger at daytime events. But my perspective is still as a dad. I think the brands are starting to see the dad market as important, but the movement towards including them is going quite slowly.

I do all the decision-making. The SAH spouse does all the work; therefore they know what the family needs the most. That is more often than not the mom which is why they get most of the attention from brands.”

If you’d like to read more of Mitch’s thoughts on Dadhood, you can find his website at or follow Mitch on twitter here.

And don’t forget to join the DADuary Twitter party on January 12th at 9pm! You’ll meet more fabulous Dads.

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