It’s Not About Going Without, It’s About Recognizing That Some Are Going Without Everything

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Often when thinking about what to do to give to others we think, “What can I give up so I can do something to help?” We tend to justify a $10 donation as two less cups of expensive coffee or a dinner spent in versus going out. But to quote our contributing editor, Myrdin Thompson, “It’s not about going without, it’s about recognizing that some people are GOING WITHOUT EVERYTHING and acting accordingly.”

For many victims of Hurricane Sandy, a lifetime of memories and worldly goods were lost as well as lives. They were left with nothing but their spirit and the goodwill of neighbors, strangers, and government assistance.

We think our $5 or $10 won’t do any good when the need is so huge, so we do nothing. But remember how the millions of micro-donations fueled our current president into office last election? Every small act of kindness adds up.

In time, the media hype will die down around Sandy. They’ll move on to other stories. We will go back to our jobs and lives and not give another thought to those still dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane. It’s such a sad comment on our society. But for those affected, it will impact them for the rest of their lives.

A year or so while working with the CEO of Global Poverty Project Hugh Evans he told me, “Once you get involved in helping others you’ll find it’s addicting.” He was so right. It is addicting. You’ll feel incredibly happy for having done something. The best gift to give yourself the gift of giving. The feeling is priceless.

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