It’s UN Global Immunization Week and moms are in full force supporting!


It’s the UN Global Immunization Week, April 21-28, and the launch of the UN Foundation’s program, Shot@Life and I’m so proud to be one of their champions.

Be sure to follow @shotatlife and this hashtag to learn more this week: #vaccinessave

Why am I doing this? Because a child dies every 20 seconds from diseases we know how to prevent through vaccinations. And social media has given me a platform and the tools to share my voice, my passions and my beliefs and hopefully make a little dent of good in the world.

I am also doing this because my son and daughter were vaccinated and were given the ability to have a shot@life and all the wonderful things life brings. And I can’t imagine the sadness the mothers around the world will feel who will not have their children by their side this Mother’s Day. I spent the rainy day yesterday snuggled next to my daughter and the dog watching old TV shows and every child deserves as many of those special moments as possible.

And I’m doing it because we can make a difference. Instead of pizza and beer, I asked Klout to donate the money instead to Shot@Life, which they generously did. Twelve children will be vaccinated for life with that money. It’s my little dent to solving this problem.

I also think it’s important to teach our children by example so I’m doing this on top of everything else a busy, working mom has to do because I hope my children will give to deserving organizations they believe in.

I asked a couple of my fellow Champions why they are doing this and here’s what they had to say.

Jennifer Burden of WorldMomsBlog said, “I lost many pregnancies that couldn’t be saved and doctors at first didn’t know why. But when I’d get pregnant, I’d find myself asking if someone in the universe could help. And they couldn’t.  Now that I have my children, and I don’t have to go through that anymore, the experiences have stuck with me. I want to prevent more mothers from feeling like that, and save the lives of children. Advocating for Shot@Life & the GAVI Alliance gives me the opportunity to do that.

The low cost and proven track record (When GAVI introduced the pneumonia vaccine in the Ivory Coast, the amount of cases went down 70% the next year!) of vaccines have made solving this global health problem a no brainer.  People need to know about this!! So, I’m finding the time to tell them!”

“I’m answering this question as my daughter lies next to me in bed. I’ve just been out of town on another volunteer business trip and my husband left today for his own trip, so it’s a special slumber party for just us girls. Before falling asleep, Finn decided to read one of her favorite books to me. Usually this means “telling” the story as she turns the pages, but tonight, for the first time, she read the book. It took quite a bit of time (and some help on my part), but she was so proud. That’s why I do this. Because every family should have a shot at this type of first.

Global vaccinations can make this first happen for other children and families. If a blog, a twitter party, a post on my facebook page can help raise awareness, I can certainly take a few moments out of my busy day to raise awareness. I truly believe that we need a world where instead of being globally competitive we are globally connected, caring, and collaborative. A world where every child has a shot@life, ” said Myrdin Thompson of Roots and Wings.

Follow @shotatlife and this hashtag this week: #vaccinessave

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