Ivory’s new campaign targets moms with a new, clean look and social media.


I like Ivory’s new campaign and packaging. I love the headlines. I love the colors. And I love it not just because I’ve been an Ivory girl for years. It works on so many levels. And I think moms will love it, too. It’s nice to see a 130-year old brand evolve for today’s market. They’ve tapped into several things I think make it work for moms:

Simplicity: no rhetoric, no gimmicks, straightforward language. “Meticulously scented to smell exactly like soap.”

Cleanliness: the medium is the message. The campaign is design is so clean; you can’t help but relate it to the soap itself.

Color: Decisions are often made at the shelf in the store. It’s modern and bold. And it’s not pink!

Ease of finding: Moms don’t have time to search the store for products. They want to find it and find it fast. The new packaging is a stand out making it so easy to find.

Some missed opportunities.

The Facebook page could be a better fit with moms. While I like the campaign and the packaging, the Facebook page could use some revamping.

moms love content. It’s very content light: a poll, a “Let’s dish” question and a place to post your own question.

Use of celebrities: Most surveys show Moms won’t purchase a product because a celebrity endorses the product. Yet, here we have another celebrity mom. Moms like to hear from other moms– real moms. Dove was so successful with their real portrayal of women, it’s surprising Ivory isn’t following that with a different spin.

Showing the print and commercials: drop these off the page as soon as possible. It’s such a waste of space that could be used for content. If Ivory is all about “giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t,” moms don’t need to see the ads.

And where is the new packaging?

Why did Ivory not choose to show off the new packaging? How will moms know how to find it? A missed opportunity to help moms connect the advertising to the moment of truth at the shelf.

So what do you think of Ivory’s new campaign? I’d love to hear from you.

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