Karate and Breathing Skills Empower Kids with Cancer – Kids Kicking Cancer


karateprustyIn June,  Children’s Health Foundation’s Prusty 4 Kids kicked off the “ Kids Kicking Cancer “ program;  founder Brandon Prust of the Montreal Canadiens, started Prusty 4 Kids last year and raised $129,000 to bring the Kids Kicking Cancer program to the hospital, the first in Canada.

Kids Kicking Cancer program gives children with cancer the tools to build confidence and strength as they battle cancer with the help of their medical team at the hospital.

Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, a clinical associate professor in the department of pediatrics at Wayne State University in Detroit, developed the program in the 1990s.

Rabbi Goldberg, who has a background in martial arts, spoke of his initial use of the deep breathing and visualization technique to help a child who happened to be very distressed during a procedure he was getting. Rabbi Goldberg realized that many kids could use a similar program to help empower them and deal with what was happening to them.

In the program, children are taught stretching, breathing exercises, guided imagery and meditation, as well as traditional karate moves. An important component of the program is emphases on deep breathing exercises; the breathing and guided imagery and meditation techniques have proved to be very effective in reducing a child’s anxiety, pain, and discomfort during difficult clinic and hospital procedures, and helps the youngsters cope with the stress associated with their illness and treatment.

The program provides weekly classes for children, both inpatient and outpatient through personalized coaching by black-belt martial artists. Parents, siblings and health care providers will also be able to receive instruction in these methods.

Thanks to the support of Prusty 4 Kids, The Childen’s Health Foundation of South Western Ontario is helping “to ease the pain of very sick children while empowering them to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally ” with Kids Kicking Cancer.

Their Mantra:  POWER   PEACE   PURPOSE


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