Key takeaways for brands regarding Cafe Mom survey and Mom satisfaction


According to CafeMom’s second quarterly MomIndex study, Moms satisfaction with life has taken a dip. Tracking issues around self, money, kids, relationships and the world at large, Café Mom discovered Moms have an increasing concern about money and the world.

Key for brands to take away, CafeMom found the more satisfied moms are with their lives, the higher the expectations are for companies to support social causes and deliver more value beyond just relevant products. More than half said they would buy from companies that add value to their lives.

Here’s are direct excerpts from the study:
• Overall: The average score was 75.0 or a C, down from 76.5 last quarter; just 7% of moms scored 90% or better, representing an “A” grade, vs. 9% of moms scoring an A last quarter.

• Kids: 1 in 4 moms believe their kids are not leading a healthy lifestyle. 21% of moms with kids ages 6-18 report having overweight kids, and childhood obesity is a growing concern.

• Relationships: 85% of moms indicate their partner relationships are strong, however almost half of moms feel they don’t spend enough time with their partners. Couples’ time together became even more constrained over the past few months, dropping 26% this quarter to just over 5 hours/week.

• Self: With less time for exercise and more relaxed eating habits, summertime was hard on mom self esteem leaving fewer moms than ever — just 27% — happy with the way they look.

• Money: Coping with more job losses and reduced incomes, moms are highly stressed about family finances. 84% of moms agree their number one goal when shopping is to save as much money as possible.

• World: Moms remain frustrated with the government and only 19% of moms feel the country is headed in the right direction, down from 22% in MomIndex 1. The top three national issues moms are concerned about are (1) Economy and Jobs, (2) Education, and (3) Healthcare.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, Moms are still getting satisfaction out of strong connections, self expression and if they have a sense of control. They identified 3 more descriptors of Moms: The Connector Mom, The Control Mom and the Self Expressor Mom. We love to put Moms into buckets, but as a focus group of one, I know I am all three of those types. What I did find interesting about the study was how happiness changes depending on the age of the children. The younger the kids, the more Moms are connected and feel in control, the older the more time for self expression.
1. Connections: strong relationships outside her household including bonds with friends, extended family, local community, and online friends strongly impact life satisfaction for the better. MomIndex 2 revealed that a quality of moms’ connections outside the home is strongest for moms of younger kids.

2. Control: Moms who feel they are in control of the issues they face day to day have higher life satisfaction. MomIndex 2 noted that as kids get older, moms cede control in many areas, including family health, finances and home organization.

3. Self Expression: Moms that feel challenged and make a difference outside the immediate family have higher life satisfaction. Moms of older kids have more free time and feel they have more opportunity to express themselves, according to MomIndex 2 results.
This opens up ideas for brands when developing marketing efforts towards Moms.

1. Help her leverage and make new connections. Give her tools, social-enable every platform you create for her, give her reasons to connect with other Moms and make it easy.

2. Create applications that simplify and help her organize her life and ultimately she will feel more in control. Tools she can actually use will keep your brand front and center.

3. Develop marketing programs that can help her express herself. Huggies MomInspired Grant program is an excellent example.

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  1. These are some incredible facts about moms. It touches my heart that moms deal with so many issues and that they are struggling more and more. I am a mom of two and have been on an amazing journey to overcome my own struggles and it’s so good to day that it’s working. There are things that moms (and whole families) can do to help themselves feel better and enjoy life more. My passion is empowering kids and their families and reversing statistics such as the ones quoted here. I know it will take time to shift and I think that moms are beginning to look for different ways of doing things that bring different results. I’m so glad I discovered this blog and I look forward to more great information. :)

    Kasia Rachfall

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