“Kick a Ginger Day”: One mom’s terrifying account of the wrong use of social media










Every mother’s fear is what their child is doing online. I am personally friends with my daughter but my son would die before he’d let Mom see his Facebook page. But this recent story is so scary. And not just because I have two ginger haired kids of my own.

Apparently Friday, November 20th was designated “Kick a Ginger” Day by a group on Facebook inspired by a South Park episode about beating up kids with red hair and freckles. It may sound ridiculous, but unfortunately the idea caught on. Several beatings took place at schools across the country on Friday, and but look what happened to this particular 12-year-old boy.

When he went to school last Friday, a group of kids ready to “kick a ginger” were waiting for him. They chased him  and then he was kicked in the groin. As he lay on the ground at school, 15 kids, surrounded him and then proceeded to kick him repeatedly over and over again.

Social media sites are great when used properly but it is never more evident we need to keep reminding our children of their proper use. Here’s a downloadable pdf of a great booklet for parents on internet safety.

Download it here: http://www.wiredkids.org/parents/parentingonline/parentingonline.pdf

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