Kids Can Be Cruel: Social Media Helps Us Keep Our Self Esteem

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Kids can be so cruel as we all know. And it was never more evident then a recent discussion on Facebook started by Candace Derickx. She started by posting what her child said to her, “Mommy, your boobs are dangly.”

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Yes, Yes, motherhood takes it toll on our boobs, bums and faces as we are all well aware. But there’s nothing quite like having your child point it out to you. And I’ll guarantee that at someday they will point out some flaw or another. It’s inevitable. So dive for some camouflage or steel yourself for the slings and arrows.


It’s no wonder we love the friendships we’ve developed through social media. We help each other keep our self-esteem. There we know we’re not alone.

Pam Dillon of had this to say, “Who knew so many “women-of-a-certain-age” body parts could sag and dangle? Oy. In my male-centric household, there’s no one to talk to about these startling facts of life but the dog (and she happens to be firm and youthful… Bootch!). And since I work at home – thus, devoting more or less zero effort to female maintenance, compliments from the youngsters or other living beings aren’t exactly flying my way. In fact, when I came out of the bathroom the other day doing my best impression of Tony Soprano’s mother, the youngest looked kinda sick. Harumph. No sense of humour. That’s why these online friendships mean so much to me. They’re lipstick and mascara for my heart. Yes, world, I’m here!”

So read this thread. It’s hysterical. For all you moms whose kids are little, start teaching them “if you’ve nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” For those of us for whom it’s too late, “See you on Facebook or Twitter. There’s something to be said for living virtually.”

What have your kids said to you? 

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