Kids Honoring Jackie Robinson On Jackie Robinson Day With a New Book

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BaseballSixty-six years after Jackie Robinson debuted as major league baseball’s first African American ball player, Jackie Robinson Day is being celebrated all over the country on April 15, 2013. JuJu, GiGi and JoJo Sabra, three sisters, are also celebrating with the release of their new book, “42 Fun Facts About Jackie Robinson – A Biography By Kids For Kids” and offering it free via Kindle all week long.

This year’s Jackie Robinson Day truly hit a homerun with the newly released movie ’42′. Hitting #1 with $27.2 million in box office sales this weekend, it far exceeded Warner Brothers’ modest $20 million goal. But even more surprising was 52% of the audience were women, including moms and young children.

42 Fun Facts About Jackie Robinson coverIt was the commercials of ’42′ that caused the Sabra Sisters to research more about Jackie Robinson’s unique life. After three long days of reading through biographies, his autobiography, newspaper articles, blog and websites, they compiled everything into 42 Fun Facts about Jackie’s entire life from birth, until the present day 2013 (over 40 years after his death).

Available through the book will be available FREE in digital format for Kindle readers from April 15 – 19, 2013. Download at

Kids can enjoy little unknown facts about Jackie Robinson in this simple 32-page book, such as…

  • He was a legend on and off the field!

  • He was the first student to letter in four-sports at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), and baseball was his least favorite sport!

  • He was the first to receive a Rookie of the Year award by the Major League Baseball, and much more!

BONUS: Free coloring pages of all the illustrations in the book can be downloaded with the purchase of this book.

The Sabra sisters believe that learning history through illustrated biographies help make dates and events easier to remember, more meaningful, and interesting. This is the premise of their upcoming book series, Making History Fun at and Jackie Robinson’s kindle book was the first in this series.

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