Klout is giving Moms new ways to show their mom-fluence.











Brands are always looking for the ultimate influencers. Moms with social graphs that follow their every word and have built trust with their audiences. A trust that enables the Mom to get her following to engage with content, contest, coupons and generally spread the word of a brand or brand’s product.

But how do you judge a Mom’s mom-fluence? Is it by Klout score alone? Well Klout is adding new features to show brand’s just what a mom sphere of influence is all about.

First, if you use Klout for Chrome, you can see Klout scores right in the Twitter timeline. Helpful, but score alone isn’t an indicator in my book of mom-fluence. And by the way, Klout, you say I tweet a lot about Jesus. Where did that information come from?

Now they’ve added “+K” so you can tell the world when a Mom has influenced you on something with a simple click. You can only give out five +K points per day though. Similar to Google +1, Klout +K allows you to see personal endorsements.

And then there is Klout Perks. If the Klout algorithm dubs you an influencer, you can find yourself the lucky recipient of a Klout Perk: two free movie tickets or perhaps, larger invitations to events depending on your mom-fluence. Only flaw is the algorithm doesn’t include personal information so I’ve received perks for a mom with much younger kids so the perks while flattering haven’t been anything I could take advantage of.

And now there’s the Klout OG Achievement badge. It’s apparently Klout’s way of a thank you for being with them through thick and thin and tweeting your score–something I’ve never done so I don’t understand why I’ve received one. My perception is it’s just a tool for them to spread the word about Klout as they hope you will tweet or share your new achievement accomplishment on Twitter or Facebook. I don’t even know what “OG” stands for. But people like badges.

While badges and scores, give some indication of mom-fluence, the real influence is in relationships. Being able to sent an e-mail, DM to a mom or even pick up the phone and ask for her help/advice or to join an effort. Knowing her personally and how she likes to be communicated with. Actually having a conversation with her online. If Klout could add the human aspect to the algorithm/science of influence, then they’d have one really powerful tool.

So moms, what is your opinion of all these Klout features?

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  1. I am new to Klout so I having formed an opinion yet. I know in general numbers don’t tell the whole story. BTW, Klout says I know a lot about laptops – I have no idea why! Anyway, I do agree that relationships matter the most in terms of influence.

    Bicultural Mama

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