Kraft connects with Moms with a bit of laughter.


If there is one thing Moms love and need is a little humor in their lives. And that’s exactly how Kraft is hoping to connect their brands with. “You Gotta LOL” is a web video series featuring comedian Anita Renfroe. Anita is famous for her William Tell Overture video. She jam-packed every possible Mom saying she might utter to her kids within a 24-hour period into the song.

The “You Gotta LOL” series talks about everything from struggling with weight, chocolate to coffee being her personal cheerleader in a cup. “If you are what you eat, I’m going to go eat a super model” gives you a taste of Anita’s humor. Kraft has done a great job of balancing content versus branding. The content is relevant to the featured Kraft product. Nice and simple. And I watched every single video from beginning to end. Not something I do every time I watch a video. And I’m not alone.

A recent study by Visible Measures released some disturbing statistics regarding video viewing.

• 20% of an audience will stop the video 10 seconds in.

• Half of the audience will be out of your video in the first minute.

And it didn’t vary much by type of clip or the length of the video.


But video consumption is going to continue to grow.

Cisco predicts by 2014, global online video will approach 57 percent of consumer Internet traffic (up from 40 percent in 2010). And this is further backed up by the Brightcove & TubeMogul Online Video & the Media Industry Quarterly Research Report.

• Nearly 60% of respondents plan to invest more on video over the next 12 months.

• 65%+ brand managers say the main focus of their online video is awareness, followed by lead generation (21%) and e-commerce (12%).

•  70% say they plan to add mobile video over the next 12 months.

• Audiences who find marketing and e-commerce video via Facebook and Twitter have the longest viewing times (1:24 minutes and 1:18 minutes respectively).


Becoming a New Mom triggers video consumption.

According to BABYCENTER’s 21st Century Mom™ Report on new Moms:

• 73% of first-time pregnant women have watched an online video in the past month.

• One in five say their interest in online video has increased because they have less time.

The research found that after becoming a mom they watch the Web 32% more and watch TV 42% less.

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