Latest Mom Blogger Study Shows Brands We’re More Than Just Bloggers

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Mom at computerI love social media because it’s enabled me to meet so many wonderful women. About 3 years ago, I believe, I met Wendy Scherer at The Social Studies Group through Twitter. If I remember right, we connected because I commented about a study they had done on the Eco Mom.

Since then we’ve stayed in contact and she gives me sneak peeks at studies she is doing before they are released. I’m like a kid in a candy store. A few months ago we connected again and she told me she was putting the finishing touches on another study about bloggers and how we are so much more than just bloggers. She told me she would let me know when they were ready to release it.

True to her word, she recently called to tell me she would let me have the study as an exclusive to break. Wow! I was thrilled and immediately contacted my editor at MediaPost to see if they were interested. They were but they don’t usually include charts and graphs, which I needed to fully explain the study. I twisted my editor’s arm and said, “I guess I’ll have to take the exclusive somewhere else if you can’t include the graphs.” Guess what? They included the graphs. Can you see me smiling?

The net result of the study is that brands need to think of us as more than just bloggers. The bloggers The Social Studies Group studied were cross-channel maestros leveraging Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even other blogger’s sites to drive traffic and engagement. As I was reading the study, I was contacted by a blogger (she wasn’t part of the study) who sent me her almost 50-page book on how she grew her Pinterest account to one million followers. Not many brands can say that.

This is exactly why I call us Networked Moms, not bloggers. We know how to connect people, and how to use social networking and content to create meaningful relationships and engagement. We are much more savvy then many marketers think when it comes to technology and tools. And the holes in what we may not know can be filled by reaching out to other moms who are happy to fill in the gap.

The full study can be read on MediaPost here.

3 Responses to “Latest Mom Blogger Study Shows Brands We’re More Than Just Bloggers”

  1. It’s been fun working with you and geeking out over this stuff over the years. Has it been 3 years? Wow. This study was particularly fun to do – I got to collaborate with Shelly Kramer again (she’s wicked smart) AND got to tackle a subject we feel strongly about and that many, many Networked Moms feel strongly about, too. Thanks so much, Holly!

    Wendy Goldman Scherer
  2. Wow, 3 years & yes, that’s how we met! Time flies. This study was so fun – Shelly Kramer and I had a theory and the data proved it out. Love that. Really appreciate your support, Holly!

    Wendy Goldman Scherer

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