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So the other night I was watching Close Encounters, and I tweeted about it. My daughter said to me “that’s so 70’s or 80’s.” How would she even know what it was like then if she wasn’t alive? It got me talking to one of my friends over Twitter about what if our kids were sent back in time with no technology. We chatted about kids and the fact that they have no idea what life is like without constant connection. Between smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, laptops, ipads, text messaging, IM, Skype and more, it’s a very different world. So I asked her to write a post about it for me.

Let me introduce you to my friend Teresa:

My name is Teresa. I am a 35 yr old Wife & Mommy to 5. My husband Scott is the love of my life. We have been married for 14 years. Our Kids are Ty (aspiring rock star) 19, Mandi (figuring out a major for college) 18, Gabe (resident video game expert) 12, Abbie (Daddy’s princess) 9, and Emmaleigh (Mom

my’s snuggle buddy & family court jester) 8. I blog about life, kids, recipes, reviews, travel, cupcakes & everything in between. With laundry ever multiplying, kids always needing one thing or another, extended family problem solving, bills that always need to be paid and not getting enough sleep some how I seem to be…Making it All Work.

Here is Teresa’s post:


“Help!! I’m from the year 2012, Get Me Outta Here!!”

If you had one of these growing up you will love this post! The other day I was talking to my kids about what it was like when I was growing up. This conversation stemmed from the fact that they seem to have a terrible case of the “I wants”. You know; “ I want this” and “I want that” syndrome. It is such a horrible case that I thought the only treatment was a dose of the past. Kids today honestly have no clue what it is like to not have instant communication or knowledge at your finger tips. If my kids were suddenly shipped back to 1980 they would definitely scream, “HELP, I am from the year 2012, GET ME OUTTA HERE!!”

I was born in the middle 70’s growing up I think our generation saw the biggest growth in technology than any other previous generation. I remember when our family had the television pictured above, and this was the only t.v. in the house mind ya. We had 13 channels and I was the remote. Yes, that’s right I would be told to plop myself by the dial and change the channel until my Dad found what he wanted to watch. Now my kids have HUNDREDS of channels to watch, a t.v in every room along with a wonderful invention called a remote control. I can’t even imagine telling them to go change the channel on our t.v., they would be clueless.

Let’s talk about this beauty. This telephone is what we had growing up. It was located in the kitchen and it was the only one we had. The cord on it wasn’t that long so my sister and I BEGGED my parents to get a longer cord so we could stretch it into the living room. I don’t think my kids have ever even heard a dial tone or used a phone with a cord EVER!! LOL I remember when we got a cordless phone. We thought we were high tech then, except for the fact that you couldn’t really go too far without getting really bad static or picking up the next door neighbors’ conversation on their cordless phone. Now at days EVERYBODY has a cell phone. In fact, we don’t even have a house phone. We got rid of ours about 5 years ago. I remember when you saw pay phones everywhere. If you needed to call back home while you were out you had to stop at a gas station to use the payphone. Heck even when I was in my last teens early twenties, not everyone had a cell phone but most had beepers. LOL If you had one you remember all those number codes we had to communicate because they were analog. (Remember 8, 3, 1

It isn’t just technology that has made advancements. Do you remember Jiffy Pop? If you wanted popcorn back when I was a kid this is how you made it. I still love to make it. My kids now throw a bag in the microwave and 3 minutes later they have popcorn. Kids today have no clue what it is like to have to wait for things to cook.

I also remember writing letters and waiting for the mail. Oh how I couldn’t wait to get letters from friends and my boyfriend that lived in the town over and went to a different school. Oh and how did I meet this boyfriend you might ask? We met at the local skating rink which is where all the kids hung out at on Friday night. Kids now barely even speak face to face anymore; everything is done on the Internet from emails to chatting. Heck now most marriages start from Internet dating sites. I personally met my husband through a friend at a bar. Ah the good ole days. LOL

I hope this post has happily brought you back to your childhood but also made you stop and reflect for a second. You didn’t have all these high tech things growing up and you turned ok, didn’t ya? Sometimes more isn’t better. I think spending time with your kids playing outside, riding bikes and disconnecting from the Internet is the best way to connect with your kids. So maybe this weekend you can surprise your kids with doing something you enjoyed doing as a kid, Batteries not included.

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