Leveraging Technology: Six Long Distance Gifts Ideas For Father’s Day


Father’s Day is the next celebratory gift-giving holiday. Unfortunately, many children who aren’t within driving distance to Dad have no idea what to send. Even for long-distance gift-giving novices, Mother’s Day is easy…you can’t go wrong with flowers. But what about Dad? Man flowers? Yeah, probably not.

Dad is easier to please than you think. But it’s not about sending ties, or golf clubs (those would cost a fortune in shipping!). A ‘Best Dad’ mug is too typical…and breakable. For Dad, the answer isn’t a one-size-fits-all delivery. Just because you don’t live around the corner from Dad (or maybe even in the same state) doesn’t mean you get to skimp on Father’s Day. So don’t think about just getting away with call and a card!

Be a good son or daughter. Use your imagination! Make Dad proud! And if all else fails…use these suggestions on the best gifts to ship to your long-distance Dad to show him he rocks!


1. Game tickets.
If Dad roots for the home team, get tickets to a game. Many teams let you order online. Just make sure you’re in town to take him. And for goodness sake, call your Dad on Father’s Day, too!

2. Cookies!
A bouquet of cookies is tasty surprise. You can have fun with cookie bouquet designs, too. Theme the cookies in a favorite sport or hobby, or go online and custom design cookies to suit his ‘taste.’ You can also check out classic cookie bouquets that feature car cookies, tools or…ties.


3. Around the world…in candy.
Celebrate Father’s Day all year by gifting dad with a new candy box every month…from different countries! No you don’t have to travel abroad. You can sign dad up to receive a box of candy a month…and opt for varieties from around the world. He’ll love the monthly delivery…and the sweet mystery!

4. Order dinner.
Who’s at the door? Oh, it’s Dad’s dinner! Send dad (and mom!) dinner courtesy of you. Find his favorite restaurant online to make sure they deliver, and then order up his favorite entrees. Many places have delivery…and online ordering is becoming more popular than dialing it in! Just don’t forget dessert!


5. That’s the spirit!
If Dad loves his spirits, gift him a bottle of his favorite brew or vintage. Or send him a new type of wine or beer every month.

6. Help Dad embrace technology.
My parents needed a little help with getting into the latest technologies. They never would have tried tablets or other devices if I hadn’t gifted them for holidays. Now, my Dad loves his tablet…and his Alexa (she’s got a witty sense of humor!). My parents think it’s so cool that they can easily check the weather, surf the net and even place a pizza order through their devices. Sometimes parents need a gentle nudge to adopt what we easily accept. Ship Dad one of the latest gadgets…and call him or Facetime him to teach him how to use his new toy!

Our mobile devices make gift giving easier. And with the tap of our finger, we can gift dad a delicious dinner, yummy cookies and candy that arrives on his doorstep once a month. Just because you don’t live close doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Dad in a magnificent way. Technology brings us closer, and it gives us the opportunities and the options to celebrate our loved ones…even when we’re oceans apart.


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