Licensed to Spill? SmartStrand Carpet that Can Take Anything You Throw at it.

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Every once in a while I go on some of the “shopportunities” we give members of our Social Fabric community. I couldn’t resist a road trip and promises of a clambake. Little did I know I’d fall in love with our client’s product so I had to write about Mohawk. I was not compensated for doing this post, I did it because I was truly amazed by what I experienced.

IMG_0348I’ve been in a re-decorating mode for the past few years slowly changing and fixing up my apartment. A few weeks ago my son and I had a blast taking a hammer to his white baby furniture that had seen it’s day. There’s nothing quite like a guy with a hammer and license to smash something. But there are only so many times you can glue drawers back together. It was so beat up and ugly. And he’s not a little boy any more–he’s six foot tall. He looked like the grandfather in bed in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with his feet sticking out the end of the bed.

photo (19)But now I have brand new furniture sitting on an ugly blue rug. Blech! The rug has been thrown up on, seen its share of spills and the dog has chosen it several times as his place to pee or poop whenever he was mad at us for leaving him home alone. The art director in me can’t stand it and it has to go. It’s next on the list of things to replace.

Licensed to spillWho would have thought carpet could be smart?
But this Mohawk SmartStrand Silk carpet is pretty brilliant. At the Highlands Clam Festival in Huddy, New Jersey, I got to see firsthand how this carpet resists red wine, soy sauce and Powerade. I squirted that carpet with a massive amount of stain stuff and watched as mere water removed it all within seconds. Voila! All gone.

IMG_0346Then I said what about coffee? No problem. Catsup? Mustard? Easy. I even asked about blood. Hey, you never know when I might want to kill someone. LOL! It all comes out. I can even pour bleach on it and it won’t discolor the carpet. My dog? If he is bad and pees or vomits on it over and over again on the same spot like they like to do, the acid won’t discolor it. Gum? Just freeze it with an ice cube and no more gum.

And it’s so soft and comes in so many colors. HGTV and Food Network’s celebrity interior designer, Taniya Nayak was on hand to answer questions and said this, “In all of the years I’ve been designing- Mohawks SmartStrand is hands down the softest to touch and the easiest to clean up! Hey- Create Bliss!” Makes me wonder why I’m fixing up my son’s room–I need a little bliss in my life, too? Maybe the new carpet should go in my “mom cave.”

So what’s the magic?
It’s non-porous so nothing gets into the fiber like it would your average carpeting that has holes. But the best part is it comes with a 25-year warranty on wear and tear and a lifetime stain warranty. Pretty great news when you consider that 10 years is the average lifespan of regular carpet and if I went to the expense of doing hardwood floors they’d only come with a 10-year warranty.

And when I decide to sell my apartment when I retire, the warranty transfers to the new owners under a “life of home”. This will be a great additional selling point!

IMG_0349Let’s “Decorate for a Cure,” too! I love companies that support causes near and dear to women’s issues and the padding donates a portion of the purchase price to Susan G. Koman and breast cancer research. The padding or “Smart Cushion” prevents wicking so there’s no smell–it dissolves the odor on contact. It’s anti-microbial! Every time I’ve ripped up old carpet and saw the nasty padding below I wondered what was growing in it. I hate to think what’s under that blue rug. Yuck!

So what’s holding me back? Just have to save up my pennies and then that old blue, crappy rug is out of here. But even that shouldn’t prevent me…Floor Expo is matching Mohawk’s $500 cash back offer and offers 18 month interest-free financing.

Or enter the Mohawk Flooring contest to win a 6’ X 9’ SmartStrand Silk bound carpet rug here. here.




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  1. In-your-face real! Convincing copy and video shows off power of socical softsell. On-point all the way. Are results quantifiable?

    Ruth Sheldon

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