Life as a Content Creator


According to Forrester there are spectators, collectors, joiners, critics, inactives, and there are content creators. I consider myself a content creator among other things.

I don’t create every day. But I think about everything as a possibility for content.

If I meet an interesting person, they become not just a new friend, but also the potential for content, someone to interview, and they become someone who can help drive traffic to sites and vice versa. This new relationship is something to build on, to leverage our combined skills and audiences.

If I get invited to an event, I weigh it for it’s potential as content. How much content can I get out of it? And is it something my readers would be interested in. It means I have to try and enjoy the concert or event as a whole, while I’m capturing photos, Instagramming, and taking down notes.

I recently watched a PBS. I couldn’t relax and just enjoy the show, I found it’s content so moving I took notes and thought about what I would write the next morning.

An unexpected altercation on the street, something in the news, everything becomes viewed from the eye if you are a content creator.

So what makes for good/great content?

• Did it teach you something you didn’t know? Or did it present something in an unusual way?

• Content that inspires is some of the shareable content online.

• Humor. We all need a good laugh on a daily basis.

• Can you make someone’s life a little easier? Or share something that made your life better?

• Of course, anything newsworthy makes for good content.

• And even though I often see studies that say people don’t share facts and statistics, be sure to include the link where you found the fact.

• There is nothing like a good infographic. People love them and share them.

• Find a great new app, service or tool? People will often check it out. No one wants to be left behind.

• Reports, surveys and points of view fall into the same bucket as facts and statistics–very shareable.

• Humans like to learn new things so don’t forget how-to guides.

• You can also play games and issue challenges to your audience.

What will you create today? What will you see today that will inspire you to create content? Do you have additions to our list above? Be sure to share your thoughts with us! Thanks.

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