Lululemon is leveraging a little mother/daughter insight with their launch of Ivivva.








When I was little, my mom and I often wore mother/daughter dresses. Somewhere buried in a box is a photo of us posing for the camera in matching black and white print dresses. Oh, the horror of it. Today we would shun that in an instant. But how often have you found yourself looking relatively like your daughter when you’ve walked out the door?

So I think thing Lululemon has grasped onto something brilliant. Lululemon is testing that theory with a line of athletic wear for girls called ivivva athletica. They’re playing off the mother/daughter thing. I’ve had an inordinate amount of conversations with other moms around what our daughters have “borrowed” from us: jeans, shirts, shoes, jewelry, make up…you name it. They want what we have. My daughter actually has taken over my ruffled Lululemon pants.

But they designed it with features girls will love: holes in hoodies to accommodate ponytails, thumbholes on sleeves to keep hands warm and secret pockets and more. My favorite is some of the pants have bar tacks so you can shorten themselves. And if your daughter grows, just take them to the store and they’ll take the hems out. Now that’s customer service at it’s best. Just think, a brand listening to what it’s young audience wants.

More brands should consider this angle–less expensive versions for daughters and tailored to the audience!

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