Lysol Mission for Health could have used a heavy dose of social media integration.










We live in a germ-filled world and as a result Moms carry hand sanitizer in their purses. If you go to the gym, dispensers for disinfectant wipes are handy for wiping down equipment. And with school age children, staying healthy becomes an on-going challenge as they bring home every cold, cough and more their classmates succumb to. Howie Mandel is not the only germaphone.

Enter Lysol and the Mission for Health.

Lysol has created a community for new Moms (and not-so-new Moms) to encourage healthy habits in homes, schools, local communities and to support disaster relief all based on their expertise in killing germs. The site has tips, a forum and suggestions from a Mom/pediatrician. And there are 3 separate initiatives to push healthy living at home, school and at large.

First the Lysol Blue Ribbon School Challenge. The schools that demonstrate the best attendance rate and parent participation in the program can win some of the $75,000 in total prizes that are available. Throughout a program developed in conjunction with pediatrician and mom, Dr. Laura Jana, MD.,F.A.A.P, students aged K-5 will be taught healthy habits via specially designed lesson plans. There are 3 exciting programs, which all schools can participate in. These include the LYSOL Blue Ribbon School Awards, the LYSOL Hand Washing Song Contest and the LYSOL Healthy Heroes Contest.

If you are a Mom on a mission in your community, you have the opportunity to win $5,000 as a part of the Lysol Mission for Healthy Community Heroes contest. Moms only have to submit their story about how they are helping to keep their local community healthier. The $5,000 will be given so Mom can continue her efforts.

And last, Lysol is working with Save the Children when disaster strikes.

I love the way they incorporated the products savings message. If you go to the bottom of the site, it’s tucked in a dynamic bar. Lysol has found a way to discreetly advertise their products while delivering valuable content to Mom.

The site has a veritable ton of content for Moms in every aspect and for every room in the house.

But they missed a HUGE opportunity for their mission. There are no social sharing functions anywhere to be seen on the site. NOTHING. No Twitter, Facebook, RSS, no nothing. All this great useful content but there is no way to share it unless Mom copies and pastes it into an email or tweets the link. Busy Moms don’t have time for that. All the more odd is the fact they have a Facebook page and are on Twitter for this project but didn’t integrate it with the site. And it seems they are doing a specific initiative with Twitter Moms. This is another example of a brand not integrating social media strategically across platforms.

What a shame it is for Lysol to have created all this content and ways for Moms to engage with it through contests and support material but no way to socialize it. Especially when you think of the high visibility health has today.

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