Meaningful conferences and special relationships


140 ConferenceConferences can be a lot of fun, and can be very inspiring and thought provoking, or they can also be  a total waste of time. A lot of it depends on the people that you interact with and the conference theme itself.

This has been the second year that I have attended the 140 conference In NYC; it is always an amazing experience. This is not just because of the people that I meet and get to know, but also because of the incredible, inspiring stories that are shared by all the great speakers that are curated by Jeff Pulver, founder of Vonage.  Jeff created the 140 conference In 2009 to talk about the “State of Now” and the effects of the real-time Internet on all of us, and how we can all discover and share meanings. As Jeff puts it on his website, “It’s about serendipity, more than business cards. It’s about the ‘hybrid vigor’ of ideas that happens when people from different industries or different worlds get together and come up with something new.”
This conference was special to me in many ways. As I mentioned…it was the 140 conference; but it was also the first conference where I was attending as a speaker on a topic that I am very passionate about, rather than as an attendee. It was also going to be the first time that I was meeting Holly Pavlika, the president of MOMentumNation [who was also speaking] in real life! Although we have become good friends online, we had never actually met in person, and even though we email and write each other all the time, as well as skype, we had never spent time together in real life. Things got messed up when I was there last year and we were not able to meet as planned. So it was wonderful to finally meet Holly in person, along with another great friend, Myrdin Thompson, also a contributing editor to MOMentumNation.
We joked about stature [mine], talked about kids, food, allergies, projects and many more things – I even discovered a great little restaurant in Holly’s neighborhood that she had never been to that she really liked! But best of all, it was wonderful to know that this person I had developed a relationship with online and someone I worked with, was exactly as I had pictured her! A wonderful and amazing woman, who can kick some real butt if she needs to, but will stand behind you and empower you any way she can!

I was also fortunate to spend some time with Myrdin Thompson here and there during the conference, as well as just before she left to go home.  I love this woman’s honesty and insight and her passion to help educate our children.

So it was really apropos that we should all finally meet in real life because of a conference that held special meaning to all of us, and had to do with the effects of the real time web on our lives.

Thank you #140YOU and Jeff Pulver!

I also really enjoyed NYC, a city that is always so energized and full of life! Can’t wait for my next trip, counting down the days to next year!
Have you been to any amazing conferences lately, what have you taken away with you?

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  1. Thanks Ruth! So little time, sorry I missed you :(, will definitely have to make sure we have a dinner at that great little restaurant next time! :)

    Rossana Wyatt

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